Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life is like a box of chocolates*

Foreword: This is a blog I wrote a couple of months ago on my MySpace (yes, I'm a dork). But, there had been some PTO comments made on Biff Spiffy's blog earlier today that made me want to haul this out and totally phone it in. I will try to come up with original material later this evening - Enjoy!

And sometimes, it's like a box with nuts and stuff, like when you attend the PTO meeting and witness grown women getting ready to riot over whether or not we should sell peanut butter (and other assorted filling) Easter Eggs from St. Anthony's as a fundraiser. Opinions really ARE like assholes - everyone has one! LOL.

The board had decided that we should only sell one size of eggs to streamline things and make it easier - so then it almost came to blows on what size? The 1/4 lb eggs or the 1/2 lb eggs? Frankly, I agreed with one mom who stated that the 1/2 lb eggs ruined the chocolate to innards ratio by being too large.

Diplomatically, a raised hand vote was taken: 1/4 lb eggs won!

May I just say that I am very glad I am not on the board this year? I served as Vice President for the last two years (each position has a limit of an up to 2 year term). Of course, in lieu of serving on the PTO, I am now co-homeroom mom to 3rd grade (a great little group), I am designing the 5th grade "newspaper" and was recently "re-enlisted" to design the school bulletin, both of which are done every month. And those last two things I just make the Evil Twin do for promises of certain "favors", if you get my drift. He's more than happy to barter and the shit looks excellent. (he's a professional graphic designer).

* And finally, my alternate blog title was "Life is Like a Box of Assholes.... With All The Pretty Ones Taken Out" but, that's a little on the longish side and I didn't want to appear too offensive upfront. I want to draw you in and THEN offend you.

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  1. I must say that I very much enjoy your new tagline though.

    Witty indeed.