Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Weird Day

The weather around here has really taken a turn for the worst. It is coooolllldd! Yesterday, school was cancelled. Today, there was a 2 hour delay in the morning, then a one hour early pick-up. We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow this evening, so I predict a snow day tomorrow as well. Sometimes my amazing intuition impresses even me!

I think I'm getting the hang of this blog site. I've been posting blogs on my MySpace for a while and I think that format is really much easier, but I set those for friends only.

So, yesterday, I finally figured out that site meter thingy, but I'm not sure I really understand it. I have it. I noticed all the other cool kids had it. If anyone has more knowledge on that, I'd appreciate it if you'd clue me in.

The baby, Thing 2, would not take a nap this morning so she was completely rotten by the time we had to go pick up Thing 1 from school. Right before getting us all bundled up and out the door, I wanted to brush my teeth real quick. No water issued forth from the faucet. I tried the bathtub and the kitchen sink - nothing! I took a shower earlier and used the water at various points of the day and it's warmer today than yesterday, so I figured it couldn't be frozen in the pipes. I called the water company (we have a local water supply) and she said they'd had a few calls. They'd be sending the guys around to check the main. When I drove down off the hill, there were two water trucks and a back hoe in the road.

I'm not sure what the problem was, but it seems to have been repaired since I heard a big "whoosh" sound and the water was back on. Yay!

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  1. Well welcome to the blogging world! It's fun here -- and we are, for the most part, pretty easy to get a long with! I like your blog already!!! Good luck!