Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Books and their Covers

The Evil Twin is not evil, nor is he a twin. Discuss. No, actually I guess I can clear it up for you.

Back in his younger days, he did some freelance graphic design work. He wanted a pen name to use for his artwork and I believe the story goes that a friend came up with "The Evil Twin", cause there's always an evil twin in comic books and such. The name stuck.

He designed several album covers, loads of flyers for bands, came up with a number of different mastheads for underground zines and did some comics for other zines. One of my favorites was "Tommy Turdola". Of course, stuff like that just cracks me up anyway.

These days, he's a blue collar graphic designer who does serious stuff. Every now and then, he'll make me a handmade card for my birthday and it's always something goofy. He's an extremely talented designer and I'm really proud of him.

He's come along way from pen on paper to mastering all the design software and turning out some truly magnificent pieces. Of course, he still likes to draw. He is self-taught. He has no formal education.

Buddy especially enjoys when Daddy does custom cool things for his room, like a sign on his door or the times he's had to take a brown bag lunch to school. It's not an ordinary brown bag. It is always a cool cartoon monster. Buddy's friends are equally impressed.

I hope the Evil Twin reads this and realizes how proud I am to be his wife. Perhaps, he will also comment and set the record straight on how the name came about, if I've gotten details wrong. It's been a long time since he told me the story, so I could be way off.

As for Buddy and Sissy, well, I really do call Buddy that in real life instead of his real name. It's my way of calling him "Honey" (which is the only way I refer to the Evil Twin in real life. I think I only use his given name in conversation with others!). I call Sissy that sometimes, but more often, my term of endearment for her is Sugar Bean, but Sissy is shorter to type. Besides, Sugar Bean is gender neutral and we all need to know she is a glorious, beautiful girl! Right?


  1. Actually, the name originated from my old roommate in Columbus, Dave Lopez, after noticing the proliferation of evil twins as plot devices in virtually every tv show, comic, movie, etc. Soon we had our own evil twins. "Who left that nasty plate in the living room?" "My Evil Twin did it." We would blame sundry apartment infractions on our evil twins. So, once when I was working on a cartoon with a "questionable" theme, Dave said "why don't you just say that your evil twin did it? Then you could deny any involvement." Which, on one level, almost made sense. So, I sort of adopted the pen name The Evil Twin at that time, considering the fact that the majority of my scribblings and writings were, in fact, of a "questionable" nature...

  2. I love it! I'm always blaming my 'evil twin' for my evil doings! Great story -- and great family, sounds like!

  3. Because I was such a fan of Seinfeld, I've always used "the bizarro Blitz did it".

    Designed album covers, that is too cool. I miss the big cover art on those.

    My kids both have nicknames, Goober (son) and Chili (daughter).

  4. I like it too. I had an unfortunate habit though...when someone says "I didn't do/say that," I said "Oh, it must have been your evil twin."

    Once I said that to my mother. She said "My twin WASN'T evil." I could have bitten my tongue off. My mother is indeed a twin, but her brother passed away a few years before.

    Now I say "Oh, that must have been my OTHER mother/fiance/brother/friend." Much less likely to cause hurt feelings.

  5. i'll have to try that one, "My evil twin was supposed to vacuum today." man, i wish i had the time to peruse everyone's blog from the start. doesn't it burn your butt that lots of good posts are rotting in the archives? i'm considering a "best of" week on my blog even though it's pretty new ... b/c i want my decent stuff out there again and also b/c i'm lazy. i'll be saying Tommy Turdola all night.

  6. It's great to know you exist, and it's great to have a place to catch up on stories. I'm going to spend some time reading.
    I also LOVE how the evil twin NEVER has a link to any page having to actually do with himself.
    There's no email address, no blog, no nuthin'.
    I'm guessing he did your logo?
    Steph and I were just admiring it.
    Effing amazing.
    Love you, mean it.
    My love to big B, the two kids I know about, and anyone I may have left out.
    I'd like to thank God, the Academy, Mom and Dad, and my baby mama.

  7. In response to "Ron Jiggs", linking would unveil The Evil Twin and the mystique would be eating gourmet crackers and talking ubba dubby and visiting Dan's Pizza Plugs!