Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have the sweetest Evil Twin

My husband is not the most romantic person in the world. In fact, he doesn't really even come close. That's okay, because I don't expect much in that department anyway. I'm not much on flowers or cards, jewelry or expensive gifts. I grew up in a family where money wasn't an object. We got everything we ever wanted.

Instead of following my mom's advice to "hang out at the med school a lot" in college, I dated punks and freaks and ne'er do wells. You know, people more like me. Guys who had tattoos and piercings and twisted, sick senses of humor. Some of them were not very nice at all.

I met the Evil Twin through a mutual friend. He's nine years older than I am, so while we never really had the opportunity to meet, we did kind of run in the same circles and I had heard about him years before I met him... He had left the area to work at a record store in Ohio, then spent four years in New Mexico in the Air Force.

So, we finally met and it was pretty obviously right away that we were meant for each other. We lived together for a year and half, then got married in 1993. The Evil Twin works for the State and doesn't make much money, but we manage on his salary and we are both committed to having at least one parent at home for our children. After going to one salary, I realized I needed to change the ways I felt about "things". It honestly doesn't bother me that I can't just run out and buy some hot item right away. I've got plenty and I'm happy.

Today, we went to Target to get Buddy a new pair of shoes and a few other items. Buddy also knew we owed him 2 weeks' worth of allowance and picked up a Pokemon something or the other. Evil Twin stopped by the bookstore for a magazine he really loves and as we were headed home, he mentioned that everyone had gotten something fun for themselves. Except, he realized, I had not.

Now, I had eyeballed a 5.5 quart crockpot that was on sale, but I have a 3 quart one that works (although it's too small), so I couldn't justify spending the $30. I did get myself some of that lotion that with repeated applications gives one a sunkissed look. I thought that was fantastic.

Out of the blue, he said, "I wish I was rich and could give you $2000 to spend on whatever clothes you wanted." I said, "If I see something I like, I do buy it. It's just I don't see much I like." That's the kind of romantic gesture that means the most to me.


  1. Awwwwwww!!!!

    The best gifts sometimes don't cost a thing.

  2. Girl, that brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift. (He's not all that evil after all, is he?)
    Thanks for the smile!