Thursday, February 22, 2007

Operation Sandal Foot

Some of you are already aware that I started my summer foot ritual in January. I usually wait until February, but needed something to look forward to in the evenings earlier this year. Well, that, AND I got this cool new Conair foot spa massage thingy.

So, I got my foot massage spa and my pumice stone and my lotion all together. It's always ready for me when I need the "Ahhhhhh" effect. I try to indulge at least every other day and it's been heavenly. My feet already look amazing and it's not even sandal weather yet.

I must also tell you about a great nail polish - Revlon Color Stay. I don't know if it's as good on fingernails (which get used and abused often), but on toe nails, this stuff lasts until I can seriously determine nail growth and it needs to be redone. Otherwise, no chips or anything!

All I wear in the Spring/Summer are sandals, so my feet must look tidy at all times. And, I must say, I have the softest feet ever for a gal of my age (38). Even the Evil Twin says I have nice feet.

I had a pedicure last year when I was pregnant with Sissy. I couldn't bend properly to give my nails a good polish and I didn't want to give birth with grody feet, so I made an appointment. She wasn't able to do a full tissue massage or the parafin wax because I was pregnant, but it was still great! She also said I had great feet - no bunions or calluses or anything. And this is from a Southern girl who goes barefoot most of the time. (My heels should at least have been cracked). No! And I attribute this to the rigorous Operation Sandal Foot that takes place every year. Start now!

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  1. Dry skin runs on my mom's side of the family. This is especially true for the feet. I think my feet are one of my best features, not that it did any good except when I lived in Hawaii and never wore shoes.

    I coat my feet in Aquaphor once a week and wear terrycloth socks so they keep their soft, lustrous appearance.