Saturday, February 10, 2007

My New Hair Dryer

We went to WalMart (the evil empire) yesterday and I decided to buy a new hair dryer. Not that my old one was broken, but it was just sooooo slow about getting my somewhat thick hair dried each day. I'm typically pretty cheap when it comes to buying a new dryer, because they seem to only last a year or so around here. Well, they DO get a pretty heavy workout - every day! But, I splurged on a $30 Ion something or other.

It came with a couple of attachments. One being a diffuser. What exactly is it? I tried it and it wasn't doing much for me and kept getting in my way, so I took it off. There's nothing in the instructions that would indicate what that thing is or how it should be used, or for what purpose? If you know, won't you please fill me in?

Well, my new one did seem to have more power and dried my hair quicker and it does look kinda shiny, but I've always had healthy looking hair. I don't know why because I never do anything special to it. Once, I speculated that it was all the beer I drank, but my mom pointed out that one was supposed to put the beer ON their hair, not consume the beer. Humpf.

I don't do beer anymore though. I'm just a simple wino now. As long as my trusty box o' wine is in the fridge, I'm good. If you've never had the box o' wine, get the Peter Vella Chardonnay. Don't be cheap and get the Chablis (that's like drinking vomit) and please, avoid any reds - especially those that tout they are "chillable reds". That is just wrong. Reds should always be room temp!

Off to make some lunch for my hubby, Buddy and myself. Sissy is taking a nap, so now is my time to slip away and have a meal!! Yay.


  1. Whoo! ETW has a blog??

    How cool! Must add to list.

    Sorry, I'm no help at all on the hairdryer; when you can wash, dry, and style your 'do with just a washcloth, there's little need for plug-in accessories.

  2. Ooooh, I know, I know! The diffuser is for people with really curly or permed hair -- it's how you dry it if you want it to stay really curly.