Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Snow Day

We had school cancelled again today. It was supposed to have been the Valentine's Party at Buddy's school, but it's been rescheduled for tomorrow (provided we have school tomorrow, that is... I'm hearing more snow on the way).

I am really regretting volunteering to be co-homeroom mom for his class. Sissy just turned one and she is thisclose to walking, but still hasn't gotten her sea legs yet. So, I have to keep her in her stroller for certain activities when we're away from home. Buddy goes to an old, old, old Catholic school that has no elevator to the 2nd floor, which is where the 2nd thru 5th grade classrooms are. It's such a pain to take her upstairs and dump her off on some other mom or the teacher, while I run back downstairs to get her stroller and gear and come back up... then it's the same routine for the after party dealio.

Next year, I am sure I will play some role in homeroom mom activities (hopefully as just a helper), for the 4th grade class. As it is, there are only 3 moms (out of a whopping class of 14 kids) who stay at home. So I know I'll be involved somehow.

But, that's okay because I like being involved and I like knowing what is going on at school. I think the teachers are more open with their comments on your child if you stay super involved. In fact, yesterday, he was wearing his tennis shoes when I picked him up and I asked where his dress shoes were (they wear dress shoes at all times, except gym). He had forgotten them in his room, so I told him to get them. Well, he had a little fit and threw his tie at me! So, then I really got tough. His teacher from last year overheard me and she said that he had copped an attitude on her some last year and she said, "If I told your mom you acted that way, you wouldn't sit down for a week." Damn skippy! LOL.

I guess we'll keep checking on the weather until I get in bed this evening - most likely around midnight, as usual. Last night, I had to wake up the Evil Twin to molest him. I hope there is more valentine action later on as well. Yay.

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