Monday, February 12, 2007

I Hate Winter

You'd think after 20+ years of living here in WV, I'd be used to the cold and the snow. And, I lived in Kansas for three years prior to living here. But before all that, I spent 12 glorious years in the South (Alabama and Georgia). I was born in Alabama (please refrain from any "banjo" jokes) and spent 4 years there until we moved to Georgia and spent 8 years there.

I love WV for many reasons, though. The people are friendly, the cost of living is low and we have a low crime rate. I don't believe I've seen anything more beautiful than the mountains in Fall. I wanted to get married in the Fall, primarily because I was aiming for a Halloween wedding (October 30th) and also because I know how pretty it is at that time of year. However, on our wedding day, it was dreary and wet, with freezing rain. The Evil Twin's car looked hilarious with wet clumps of toilet paper clinging to it and then flying off in great plops.

If we hadn't moved here, I wouldn't have met the Evil Twin, gotten married to him and had our two beautiful children. I just wish the winters weren't so darn COLD! If anyone from Minnesota is reading this, they probably think I'm a wuss - and they'd be right. I'm not the prissy girly girl type who hates bugs and snakes (I love them, in fact), but I do like to be warm and cozy. And, I like the sun and wearing shorts and sandals - or going barefoot, which is typically how you'd see me any warm day.

I've already started working on my "sandal feet". This process typically starts in February and I also usually start at the tanning beds about now too, but Sissy's only one and I can't take her tanning with me! LOL. Anyway, preparation for sandals involves the pumice stone and lots of lotion. This year, I've added in a foot spa massager. I've certainly gotten my $30 worth from that thing. Why didn't I buy one sooner??

Well, I think the groundhog said that Spring was around the corner. Let's hope that furball is right... My sandals are waiting.....

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