Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Monday!

Some of you may know that the Evil Twin and I are huge fans of Netflix, then again, who isn't? Sometimes we get a bomb, but we know our tastes pretty well and feel fairly confident in our picks. Then there are times when I just hear good word of mouth reviews about a movie I might not have otherwise ever picked.

We got one of those on Saturday and watched it yesterday. It was "Akeelah and The Bee". A really, really neat little story. Of course, it's full of cliches and the total "feel good movie of the year", but we all really enjoyed it. Well, I think Buddy paid attention to most of it and we enjoyed what we could hear over Sissy's antics (she's only one and still doesn't have that inside voice concept down).

Prior to that, I had put a movie on the queue that I had seen a preview on another movie we'd rented. It looked funny and I think I'd been drinking, so I put "National Security" on the list. This is a Martin Lawrence vehicle. Need I say more? Two letters... P and U.

This phenomenon kind of reminds me of the old days - about 1o or so years ago, I had bangs. On weekends, I liked to drink Margaritas. Late into the evening, I'd start thinking that my bangs needed a trim and I'd just do it myself. I'd go back to work on Monday morning looking like Betty Page (not a bad thing, but they'd be SO short....) Well, Betty and I do share a birthday so if we shared super short bangs too, maybe it was because she also liked to visit Margaritaville with a pair of scissors.

Well, I'm offa here. We have a DVRd "My Name is Earl" to watch and I'm dying to see it.

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  1. Betty Page, sweeeet! I saw the Illusionist this weekend. I've always like Edward Norton and Paul Giammatti is great in his role.