Thursday, May 17, 2012

I got my Mother's Day wish

I really, really wanted a white gold necklace. The Evil Twin had told me to pick what I liked and order it. So, I did. I'm not gonna turn down a "choose it yourself" gift. Those are my favorites.

It takes me a while to look around and decide on something, but I finally did and the chain arrived on Tuesday. I put my skeleton lady cameo pendant on it and I'm in love! The chain that came with the pendant was made of some sort of mystery metal and I have a hard time with doing a clasp by myself, so I had worn it in the shower a few times.

It didn't look so good and it smelled weird. I'm all about things that don't smell right. It will drive me crazy. I don't buy paper towels with a pattern on them or toilet paper that isn't all white. I can smell the dyes and for me, the odors are just too much.

I buy Febreze by the boatload. Lysol, Tide, Bounce detergent sheets....all of those pass my sniffer test. I even smell glasses from the cupboard before I use them. I also generally smell plates and utensils, too. I'm weird, what did you expect???

Now, I have a new necklace I can wear in the shower and it won't get all grody and corroded. Life is good, huh?

Have a great Thursday!! :-)



  1. I thought you were going to say the kids moved out...LOL!

  2. LOL... well next time I visit I'll have to spray myself with Febreze to pass the test ;-)

  3. It's a lovely necklace! Surprising and different.

    I didn't see your comment about getting together until near the end of the week. I would have LOVED that. I was taking a bit of a computer break. I read a LOT of books that week and was a slug while my kids drove the Grandparents crazy. Which is how it should be.

  4. It's good to have what you want. Congratulations on the new bling!