Monday, May 21, 2012

Number One Sleepover

It has been a long, very long school year.

This weekend, Sissy had her first sleepover. She had invited her dear friend from school over - those two are like peas in a pod. One thing I noticed is that girls are much quieter than boys, but just as messy. Her room is a disaster zone.

Anyhootch, the girls watched a "Hello Kitty" DVD, then the "Tinkerbelle" DVD. By that time, it was 10:30. The Evil Twin got them tucked in and I thought for sure they would sleep in a bit on Sunday morning.

Nope. They were up just after 7A. They had already changed out of their PJs and into "daytime" clothes because they wanted to go out back and play. They proceeded to track sand from the sandbox and chalk from the sidewalk chalk inside. After that, ETW declared a "no shoes in the house policy". And, I also made them use the hose to clean their feet off before coming inside.

I can't tell you how many times I heard that back screen door open and close. They were thirsty or someone had to use the restroom. Then, those little hooligans wanted breakfast. What do I look like - a short order cook?

I made them go wake up Daddy to go to McD's. With these two, it's monkey see monkey do. Sissy's friend wanted a fruit and yogurt parfait and OJ. That's what Sissy had as well. Even though neither of my children are OJ fans. Buddy just outright despises it and Sissy is not a fan of most juices.

Once fed, they ran out back again and had a great time. 11A rolled around and now, they wanted lunch. What do I look like - a short order cook?

It was peanut butter sandwiches and a little tiny cup of Coke on ice for the both of them.

A little bit later, they wanted a snack. Geez! The thing about these girls is that they may only be 6, but they are both built solid. They are not overweight at all - or even close to it - but they are solid muscle.

The evening before the awesome sleepover, one of Sissy's classmates had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I dreaded it, but managed to make it there. Friday was a long day. Saturday was a long day. Sunday was a long day, but you know what? I actually had fun!

I'm exhausted today and Buddy has his 8th grade trip to the amusement park tomorrow. Then, on Wednesday, Sissy has her Kindergarten "Fun Day". I need to send her to school with a swim suit under her clothing (they're doing water activities) - Let's see if we have a swim suit that fits. Otherwise, I'll be out shopping this evening. It's all fun at the end of the year for the kids....For parents, not so much.

I hope all my hooligans have a great Monday!



  1. Sounds like a busy end of the school year! Hope everyone has fun and you get to enjoy some lazy summer days ahead.

  2. Sounds entertaining ;-) and I'm betting those kids were back at you for "dinner" too... what do they think you are?