Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Weird Week

My sad little schedule has been turned upside down again...

Have I mentioned how much I hate the last few weeks of the school season? It seems like they want to cram every little thing in at the last minute.

I am NOT a last minute kinda gal. It makes me all nervous and then I get a rash on my butt. Seriously. A rash ON MY BUTT. Knock on wood that said butt rash has not been around this year (so far).

However, maybe the butt rash is mocking me and turning up as a patch of psoriasis (or some sort of flaky skin problem) near my left eye. Luckily, my hair covers it. But, if this Cortizone10 doesn't do something soon, I'll have to pay a visit to my doc. And, I hate appointments. That's why my hair looks like shit right now. I just don't have the energy to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

I have one hairdresser. She's been my one and only for over 20 years and she stays busy. No walk-ins around that place. I need to call her before the kids get out of school - and that date is hurtling ever so fast at me right now.

I'm a nervous wreck because Buddy has an end of the 8th grade year field trip coming up. To King's Island, which is an amusement park approximately FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM ME. I don't like it, not one bit. Do you think anyone would notice if I followed the tour bus and then stood outside the gates and cried?

And to think my parents put me on a plane when I was 12 - by myself - to visit relatives for three weeks one summer. I had a great time and they even trumped spoiling me over my parents. That's saying something there because my parents were champs at the spoiling. Like it was their job or something.

The Evil Twin thinks I need to chill and let Buddy experience some freedom. I asked his friend if they could be "Bus Buddies", but everyone laughed and said it sounded too close to "butt buddies". Then, I said, "Well, could you two at least hold hands in the park?" Again, gales of laughter all around. I guess I can't keep him shielded at all times forever...

It never gets easier, does it? People have told me that lie since he was born.

Time to get ready to pick up my Sissy baby girl. Hope all of my hooligans are having a great Thursday and a less hectic week than yours truly!



  1. They all grow up sometime, but I'm with ya on a stealth trip to King's Island, ya know... just to be safe.

  2. I'm with you on the anxiety! I tell you what: I'll bring Nooze up to visit the same park.

    You keep track of her while she goes on scary rides, and I'll keep track of Buddy!

  3. It gets easier. Trust me. Let them go a little at a time and watch them launch themselves.

    OK, so they might not go far, but they will appreciate the boost.