Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day to Wait

It's all rainy and gloomy outside. I had some things I did want to do today, but I'm waiting on our contractor to return to finish a repair.

I don't mind. His wife and I graduated high school together - and were, in fact, in the same home room all three years. We've known them forever. He and I worked together at his Dad's company before Buddy came along (and I quit to stay home with the baby).

We trust him and I would leave him a key if I *really* needed to leave the house, but my errands can wait. Besides, I like to be here if he has any questions or needs anything. I always tell him to make himself at home and he does. He knows where the sodas are in the fridge and if he wants anything else, he is more than welcome to help himself (food wise, not our personal belongings, but he's not the shady type LOL).

It's a good day to stay in and just chillax. I had a wonderful day yesterday. The Evil Twin took care of the kids and made the meal of my request: burgers and hot dogs on the grill, side of chips. That's all I wanted.

I was so lazy, I didn't even get a shower! My OCD side said, "ETW, what are you thinking, girl? Get yo stank ass in the shower." (yes, my OCD side has an attitude and a little ghetto humor). But, I just ignored that bitch and pulled my greasy hair back into a head band and proceeded to lounge on the sofa.

It's all good. Right?

I hope that all my hooligans - moms, dads, everyone - had a great day yesterday and that y'all have a great Monday as well. Mine has been peachy! :-)


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  1. :-) Glad you had a good Mother's day! Certainly hope you got "yo stank ass" in the shower today though ;-)