Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Network FAIL

When I am home by myself, the TV never comes on...unless I decide to watch something I've recorded on the DVR. Once the show is over, I turn the TV off again.

The kids' last day of school was Thursday, May 24 and when they are home during the day, the TV is often on.

I pick either kid friendly shows/cartoons (iCarly, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) or I'll pick things like "How it's Made" or "American Pickers" or "Sand Wars"... shows that are not filled with profanity and offer some sort of interesting content.

Well, the other day, I had it on the channel that plays iCarly. During a commercial, they were promoting a new show premiere, "Rags". I just happened to look up and see this:

WHAT? A major network? And, I saw this frame several times before it mysteriously disappeared. I saw it the first time I saw the ad. You know this went thru several dozens of producers, directors and who knows who else and they didn't notice it before broadcasting it.

This picture was taken when I paused the frame and had the Evil Twin figure out "what is wrong with this?" "Didja see it??"

A few days later, the frame was back in the commercial, but the spelling was corrected.

I noticed it in a split second, so that tells you what kind of spelling geek I am. Hey, someone's got to do it.

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans! Hope you all had a nice long weekend and continue to have a nice week!



  1. I dont't understand what the problem is???

  2. I see this all the time. Little mistakes that are happening. Math errors, spelling errors....

    I am kinda scared actually....