Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update on Things

The Evil Twin is putting on the primer! Yay! We've pulled up various corners of the carpet and things look nice. It is stapled in parts. ET wants to get the carpet up by this weekend and he wants to fill in the itty holes and have it all fixed up. In fact, he is taking the whole next week off work so we can continue our fun (har har) undertaking.

I'm drinking wine and watching him roll on primer. We're listening to the Classic Rock station of the digital cable. Have I told you lately what a hottie I managed to snag?

My friend and neighbor and I went to the Home Depot or Deep Homo today and she helped me select paint and other accoutrements we would need for our week of "not a vacation". She's handy like that. I love her.

We've managed to find new homes for all our cast away thingies. One guy the Evil Twin knows owns several apartments and many of his renters are young people just starting out or low income folks who can use certain items. Turns out, he has quite a bit of storage area and he keeps assorted things in those just in case a renter might need something. So, that was paying it forward.

He also owns a restaurant chain here in town and he said he would give us gift cards to repay us for our good deeds. Win-win. He got loads of good quality items he can use for his renters and we're getting food gift cards. Yay.

The other large item went to a co-worker of the ET who has a college aged son just starting out. He is one of the premiere state photographers. Before he left, he thanked me and said he wanted to give us a print of his work in exchange. He sells his prints for big dollars, and they are all of the lovely state of WV, so we are excited to be able to pick something from his collection.

It pays to be generous. I love that. Yay!


  1. I ahte primer, but it really is a necessaary evil. (Ha, I worked evil into my comment.)

    Love the pay forward concept.

  2. I had dreams last night of painting walls. I forgot the primer, and was painting over flourescent green with a pale yellow.

    I woke up in a panic, with thoughts of how much money it would cost to purchase 18 gallons (?!) of primer - AND new pale yellow paint.

    Then I remembered that we don't have green walls. And that we painted our LR pale yellow about 3 months ago...