Saturday, May 12, 2007

Freaky Deaky

The Evil Twin and I have been together for 15 years, married for nearly 14 (October 30th, 1993! We're usually out trick or treating, with the kids, on our anniversary - the bonus is getting to "check the candy for razors or poison." LOL). Anyway, we've always had this weird - I don't really know what to call it - sense of each other?

From the beginning, we had doubles on books and movies and music. We think so much alike, even though we are 9 years apart and we weren't raised in the same area or even under similar circumstances.

There are many instances where one of us is thinking something - like "Hmmm, I'd like some ice cream." and the other person, at that very moment, verbalizes it. It always weirds us out when things like that happen - and they happen pretty regularly.

Today, we were at Target. I was looking at baby girl clothes and had moved to a sale rack. I love baby girl clothes, but I love a bargain more! Anyway, I was looking through the rack to see if anything caught my eye and I saw a 24 month size t-shirt that said, "Patience Tester". I don't know of a more perfect way to describe Sissy. She's a firecracker.

The Evil Twin was on the other side of the rack looking at stuff, so I held the t-shirt up waiting for him to look up at it. Then, he said, "Hey, look at this." When I looked over - on the opposite side of the rack - he was holding up the exact t-shirt in the same size. Doo doo doo doo (Twilight Zone music).

We stood there and stared at each other for a moment. Gave each other the "That's weird as hell." look and moved on. We didn't buy the shirt. I don't really like shirts that have cutesy sayings on them, but I do find them amusing. But to buy it says "We know our kid is a brat, but we don't care and isn't she adorable anyway?". To me.

And, futhermore, Sissy is not a brat, she's a 15 month old baby who likes to exert her will, and yes, test our patience. That's what toddlers do. Isn't she adorable, anyway??? LOL.

PS. To all my mom blog readers - Happy Mother's Day. To Tiff, Renn, Kenju, Wordnerd, Tammie and all the others who may read and not comment - I hope you have the most wonderful day ever. We decided to shuck the drama of a meal out and instead chose to grill out here and enjoy our day at home. I'm looking forward to it. Kiss all your babies for me!


  1. THANKS! and the same to you!

    I have to tell you that you married on my birthday! Yaaaay!

    kiss your babies for me, too!

  2. The loving wife and I couldn't be much more polar opposites. Taste in music, books and pretty much everything else are 180 degrees out from each other.

    I do buy about 80% of the outer garments she wears, she like my taste in women's clothes more than her own. (and no, I don't try 'em on)

    Happy Mother's Day ETW!

  3. Chachi and I are mostly polar opposites, but find each other incredibly funny.

    And you're right. Sissy is NOT a brat. She is determined. If she was a boy, most people would simply shrug. Somehow, determination and gumption is less accepted in a girl. (I happen to love it...)

    We opted out of Crazy Lunch, too. We settled for Fried Chicken and potato salad. We are looking at raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

    Happy Mother's Day to you as well!