Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Ok, I've been a mom for 9 years now, but this morning was a first for me. I was giving the baby her morning bottle (I know, she's 15 mos old - today - and we should be moving on to the sippy cup, but I'm lazy folks. Plus, it's our snuggle time and I get lots of kisses!). So, I had her on my lap and she finished the bottle.

I sat her upright to tap her on the back and noticed that her back was covered in poop! So was my arm and there was a bit on my leg. I had been holding her for several minutes and never smelled anything. It was truly a stealth poop.

I got up and we both went into the bathroom. She's a little timid when it comes to new experiences and while it's not like she's never seen or been in the tub, she's never been in there while the water was running. So that kind of set her off. I got her undressed, then myself and tried to wipe her butt/back as well as I could with regular toilet paper.

We hopped in the tub and she's still screaming hysterically. I manage to rinse us both off as much as possible (I knew I'd be getting a full "real" shower shortly) and got us out as quickly as possible too, so she'd quit with the full on screaming in my ear. I finally got a clean diaper on her and got her dressed, then got in the shower myself.

Nothing like being spackled in poop to get the morning adrenaline pumping! Yuck.


  1. Oh, man!

    At least it didn't smell.

    But still. Poop SPACKLE.


  2. "Spackled in poop": best line I've read this week.

    My daughter refused to drink out of a bottle. The loving wife breast fed her until she was two. (She didn't mind, it allowed her to show off the girls she never had.)

    The day she bit the wife, she went right from the nipple to a sippy cup.

  3. Poopspackle! That's another fun word I'm stealing (just picked up 'moonbattery' and 'corn-eyed brown trout' this week)...

    The screaming in my ear is what would get to me. Moms are truly made of sturdy stuff.