Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shopping For A Living

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, huh? Since we (I) started our remodeling project, it's required me to think about other areas of the home and the furnishings. Y'all know I am a cheapskate, but with the new look, we needed some new things.

I got a new sofa and loveseat (everyone in the family loves the ones I picked), a dresser, two nightstands (yes! I will finally get a nightstand too, instead of the TV tray table I've used for YEARS), a cheval mirror and a gorgeous kitchen table with 6 leather chairs.

We have a TV stand being delivered which will hold our new 42" LCD big ass TV. And, truly, I have been extremely frugal, too. I got some deals. Most of the home remodeling things are being done by myself and The Evil Twin and that will save us loads - although now that it's - what? - day 8 of an upturned den, I am growing weary of wallpaper removal and wall rehab. Oh well, like I told the Evil Twin: "When this is all finished, we will be pleased and have a sense of accomplishment." Plus, once we've jumped in and done it once, the kitchen and other rooms won't be such a.... well, okay, they'll be as much of a headache, but at least we know what we're getting into. LOL.

Here's what's killing me - we've been trying to give away a TV entertainment center (bought new almost $300), in perfect condition and a computer armoire (bought new at $450, back in the days where my office consisted of a desktop computer. These days, my office is a laptop and a TV tray, like the kind for breakfast in bed). And, I use the term "office" pretty loosely. I mean, I blog and I pay bills and such. Sometimes, I look at dirty pictures, like Britney Spears with her no panties and fully showing a c-section scar, but that's not really work. Unless you count it as working to keep your last meal down, which I do.

Anyway, so far, no takers on the furniture. I guess I'll call Goodwill in the morning and have them come out and haul it off. All I know is they better send big guys with strong backs, cause these suckers is heavy!

Life is good. My sweet Sissy had her 15 month check up yesterday morning and got three shots. She was so upset, but was calmed relatively quickly and we went out and finished running around the rest of the day. She was a trouper though and we've managed to get a lot accomplished these last two days.

I hope you all have a great week. My week is going to be CaRAzy, so I'll check in when I can. Kiss, kiss.


  1. We have a guy in town who drives around with a truck on the night before garbage pickup and he removes anything you leave out of any significance. Furniture, toys, dishes, clothes and appliances, if it's out and visible he will take it off your hands.

    Halfway decent stuff we always give to Goodwill or the DAV, the rest is his.

    Hug, hug back.

  2. Tried the Kanawha Freecycle Yahoo site?
    There's always some creeker that will take it off your hands.
    You just have to deal with about 100 emails from mongoloids who want it but have to tell you their story first.

  3. go Goodwill! Yes - free hauling and SOMEBODY get the benefit of it. Win. Win.

    Nice that you admitted to looking at those Britney pics. It's hard to NOT look at a train wreck, isn't it?

  4. Go with Goodwill!

    Tax write off! Woot!

  5. My grandmother is addicted to goodwill. I think half the stuff she buys she just wants the thrilling opportunity of calling "her boys" to come take it away.