Saturday, May 26, 2007

Uh Oh

Well, as anticipated, we ran into some little oopsies on the hardwood floors. Apparently, years ago, someone glued some sort of tile or linoleum in a rectangle shape right inside of the front door. There are also several largish stains, which may or may not be a huge problem. So far, it's looking like they can be sanded out.

Which leads me to : trying to find a place to rent a sander on a Saturday on a holiday weekend. I called several places that were obviously closed on Saturdays. I finally got an answer on my last try and the guy was on his way out the door and just answered the phone as he left. Turns out, the Evil Twin can get the sander, but not until Tuesday morning. So, he'll be sanding, staining and poly-urethaning his ass off Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly into Thursday.

Our new furniture is supposed to be here that day, so we're hoping to have it wrapped up by then. My new area rugs are scheduled for delivery on Wednesday. Evil Twin picked up two non skid rug pads today at Lowe's. So, we're ready for those. I still need to find sheers for my main window and side window.

Luckily, we have two dens (or family rooms, TV rooms, whatever you call it in your area). So, the Evil Twin and I are in our lower level den watching "Full Metal Jacket". I'm on my laptop, he's in his easy chair.

We have to scootch all the dining room furniture stuff into the main den tomorrow and the dining room and hallway carpet is coming up. My hubby made amazing progress today on the main den area, so I have no doubt the other two smaller areas will be ready for sanding, staining and PU'ing (thanks, Renn, for that term - he's using water based PU, so it shouldn't be as stinky as oil based. We have to think of our little dirty birdy, Apple and his little birdy lungs).

All I know is, these floors are going to look like the most gorgeous floors on the planet. And, the Evil Twin is doing it all for me. He says I deserve the house I want after the last couple of years I've endured. I'll be paying him back in my own special way. Tee hee.

It's a good thing he's got the rest of the week off! The big job became bigger!!!


  1. Don't forget to take pictures!

    It's better to see the problems first, rather than after the fact.

    Glad that the ET has the rest of the week off. It sounds like he is going to need it.

  2. That is one huge job. I'm very impressed. Remember with the poly, many thin coats versus a few thick.

    I love Full Metal Jacket.