Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Life is Mine Again

The thing that has had me so jumpy and preoccupied the last few weeks has been selling my parents' house. I've been through hell for the last year and a half with this whole thing. I've had to pay the bills, meet with contractors, decide how to upgrade and how much I could stand to spend (they left us money, too). My brother lives in Morgantown and declined to serve and apparently also declined to help, as well.

Well, I did it and I did most of it with a newborn. When I ran out of money from the accounts my parents' left, I took out a home equity loan on my own home to cover the costs.

We closed the transaction this evening, but I won't get my check until tomorrow. The buyer's wife wasn't in town and her signature was needed since her name is on the deed. She's coming in tomorrow morning to sign her part and then the checks will be released.

I'm a bit nervous because while it is not an enormous sum of cash, it is a chunk of change. What do I do with it? Invest? Money Market? We do plan on paying off credit card debt and putting some aside to help cover the kids' private school tuitions for a while. And, we have some plans to upgrade the house a bit.

It's kind of bittersweet - saying goodbye to that house. I loved it. The only reason we didn't buy out my brother's half and move in ourselves is that we love where we live now. Our current location is just so much more convenient for the things we do. Plus, I didn't know if I could live there and have a normal life, knowing that that house was the last house my parents' were ALIVE in.

The one thing I know for sure: I would gladly give that check back to have my mom and dad back with us for a long time.


  1. For sure.

    Sounds bittersweet, but it must also be a relief to be done with such a huge project. You did good! You should be proud. And for all your hard work, I hope you splurge on at least one happy thing for yourself.

  2. Nicely done. It's sad how you had to come about taking on such a large project, but it is a great life lesson.

    My brother was a total ass when it came time to move my Mom down here. She could no longer afford to stay in her house and he was no help.

    When I got out of the Navy, we built up some large credit card debt. Best thing we ever did was pay it off and never again charge anything we could not pay off immediately. Doing this has allowed us to build up quite the nest egg.

  3. It sounds like your choices are all wise.

    Why not put aside a small amount to take a mini vacation? Even for one day - or a weekend? It doesn't need to be expensive - or extravagant.

    After working on not one - but TWO - homes, raising children AND everything else that you do, a small rest would do you all good.

  4. Oooh - a minivacation! all by yourself would be excellent. Good thought Renn!