Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stripping for a Living

I'm still stripping wallpaper, but I'm almost at the end and the Evil Twin has promised to help me tomorrow evening. It's fun, but it would go really super fast with an extra set of hands! There are so many changes going on here. It's exciting and stressful all at once.

I'm completely stoked that I peeled back the carpet in a corner and found that the pad is NOT glued to the oak hardwood - bonus, just the peek I got looks FABULOUS, so I'm hoping for the best and I think when we tear the carpet out, we'll be pleasantly surprised.

I just hope I'm not huffing in asbestos or mold spores as I work. Wouldn't that be a bitch?

On a completely different note, Buddy had a lock -in at his school last night. The Evil Twin was informed that Buddy was the final hold out on going to sleep around 4:30 am. This evening, Buddy is having a sleep over with his best friend. They've been in the back yard, the front yard, the play room, Buddy's room, etc. They've eaten pizza and doughnuts. I'm sure they'll be back in a few for more snacks. Those two can outlast any nightowl.

At least I know he'll be good and tired for tomorrow night before getting up for school on Monday. Only THREE weeks of school left! I can hardly wait myself. Although, by August, I'll be so ready for school to start again.

I'm doing my wallpaper, listening to the White Stripes (inspired by listening to the newest Loretta Lynn which was produced by Jack White). It's great. Sipping Chardonnay and just a lovin' life right now.

Work is calling....I have laundry, wallpaper and an injection still to do. Gah! Have a great weekend!


  1. I need to strip the paper off my kitchen and back hallway, and I dread it worse than anything I can think of!

  2. Aaaah! Wallpaper is a curse!

    At least you have the right attitude, the right music --- and wine to get you through!

    Just a heads up - padding is generally STAPLED to wood, and glued to cement. I would remove the carpet first, assess the padding. Considering the age of the house, however, the padding may be loose laid. THAT would be a blessing.

    When you're ready, holler. I have some experience in that field.

  3. Three weeks? One more week of school here. Great for the kids, not as great for me when I have to sleep during the day, though they are pretty good not that they are both older.

    If that padding is not secured you are gold! Love me some nice hardwood floors, especially old growth ones.