Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plan B

Well, the Evil Twin decided that maybe our little project was bigger than he could manage. So, we called the pros today. We had two sets of estimates. The first estimate was $50 less than estimate #2, but the 2nd guy can start this coming Monday and the other guys schedule was full for another two weeks. So, we went with the 2nd offer.

I've had two other call backs from people I left messages with earlier this morning, but since time is such an important factor in this whole debacle, I had to decline them. I felt bad, but we've been living in a hellhole of a house for nearly a week and a half and I don't think the Evil Twin can take much more. Frankly, I'm ready to wrap up the whole mess myself, so I know where he's coming from!

Tomorrow, we'll go to the bank and open a money market account. I'm doing some research on that and am really nervous. I want my money to be local - I like to know it's down the street if I need it, but there are some online opportunities (or non local banks) offering better rates. Not substantially better, but it makes me second guess if I'm doing the right thing.

Have I mentioned that I HATE money matters? I don't care if it's mine or yours, a lot or a little. I just don't want to have to DEAL with it. The Evil Twin foisted off finances to me years and years ago - like before we even got married. I'll admit that I can pinch a penny so hard, Abe will scream, but I still dislike the whole ordeal. Maybe I have been reincarnated from a soul who lived in the Depression? LOL.

Several years ago, my dad took my cousins and I to the local dog track, which also features assorted other gambling activities. My favorite being the ol' one arm bandit - the quarter slot machine! My dad gave me $10 in quarters in a roll. I played $4.50 of it and then hit a $40 jackpot. Well, I marched my $40 in quarters to the windows and got my cash and quit! My cousins each played their $20 limit in assorted sinful gambling games and lost it all. I think my dad lost his money too. That's the power of a buck for me.

Well, that's all for tonight. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll outline the ways I make the Evil Twin suffer by buying generic goods or skimping on the lunch meat for his sandwiches. He'll enjoy that one. (insert evil laugh).

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  1. AHA! Another tightwad! While I can claim the same frugality, I tend to be somewhat careless with money when it comes to buying gifts.
    I contradict myself.
    I'm generous to a fault, but will squeeze little pieces of soap together to make a bar.