Friday, June 1, 2007

End of the School Year

Today was Buddy's last "day" for school. Actually, it was the annual school picnic, so there wasn't much scholarly about it, other than the school kids and teachers were there. We had a nice time, even though it was a pretty hot day. There were a few nice breezes and under the shelter (shaded) was nice.

In past years, it has rained or such, so as long as it wasn't raining, I was happy. The nicest thing about these picnics is that we have a full outdoor Mass (with communion). Our regular priest is traveling right now, so we had a guest and he was really excellent. I enjoyed his homily - and his accent - although I couldn't figure out where he is from originally. I'm usually good with dialects. I'm thinking he might be Filipino. Anyway, he had a powerful message and it just felt good to be in the warm air with all the good vibes around us.

The food was good. It was just hot dogs, sides, pasta salads, fruit, etc. Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary, but it was all very tasty (at least what I could pile on my plate). LOL.

Of course, it is also Friday and we know what that means: Friday Night Freakshow. My boys are downstairs watching their "scary" movie, eating snacks and hopefully, enjoying themselves. Buddy has been up twice to badger me for something to drink. My motto on these nights is that I am officially "off the clock" at 8 pm. It's my time to blog, to think, chill out a bit, perhaps catch up on some reading or wrap up something of my "action-item" list. Yes, I keep a running list of everything that needs tended to and when I have time, I look it over and see if there is perhaps a moment or two to accomplish any of the tasks.

That includes bill paying or online gift purchasing, filling forms for school or anything else, basically just any little thing that I need to do - eventually. Cause eventually, I do get around to everything. I have a cousin whose son is getting married next weekend, so I went online and researched the shops available in their area, then went to those stores and looked for registries for them. I found two and ordered a gift card to be sent directly to the happy couple and VOILA! Shopping DONE. No shipping, no tax. I love the internets. It do make me happy.

Sometimes, I need a day or two to warm up to an action item. Bills, for example. So, I stack them next to my computer and look at them for a bit (well in advance of the due date). Then, I'll feel a burst of courage and pay those suckers! Wham! I love checking things off my list too.

I would be doing laundry tonight, but the Evil Twin frowns on me doing laundry on Friday nights, since the utility room and the "guy's lounge" den are both downstairs. Apparently, my noisy washer and dryer distract from the riveting B movie that's playing. Such is life and I'm onto my next item, so this is all for tonight.


  1. No laundry on Friday night! nononono!

    Friday night is for detoxing. Or, Toxing, if that's your goal. :>

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes, Friday night is sacred down time.

    Around here, we celebrate Friday by watching Sci Fi - and letting Nooze stay up past 7.30 pm.

    Nooze has HER last day of school next Friday.

    She can't wait.