Saturday, June 9, 2007


That's what I call the movies that the Evil Twin likes to record on the DVR. They're Japanese movies of various subject matter. He gets them from IFC or Sundance. Then, he transfers them to our DVD-R, so he can have a forever DVD copy of them.

Thing is, I find them so boring, I often sleep thru them. LOL. One weekend, he accused me of sleeping on the couch all weekend and I stated that if he wasn't watching his boring "Ichiban", I wouldn't be asleep. He thought that was funny, so now we call any Japanese movie "Ichiban" - which means "Number One" in Japan, so I guess I kind of paid them a compliment.

Even if they do put me to sleep with their weird messages and tiny, tiny subtitles. He's recording one such Ichiban right now, but I'm avoiding the TV with all my might and concentrating on my computer instead.

At least this one is in color and is set in a modern time period. Bonus! We are soooo alike in so many ways, but we really differ in what we like film-wise. IOW, we like a lot of the same movies, but he has a broader range of interests in foreign films and older films than I have. Still, we both despise the more recent big budget drivel that issues forth from the Hollywoodland.

We both like the weird and obscure and downright morally corrupt films we can get our hands on. Anything by John Waters (we own most of them anyway), Coen Brothers rank up the list, Scorsese usually scores points. It just depends.

For Father's Day, he got (early) a 42 inch flat panel HD LCD Philips TV. He set that up a couple of days ago and can't believe his good fortune on the Big Ass TV. Of course, being the bargain queen, I got an excellent price on it, so don't be over there thinking I've lost my mind and spent a fortune on it. No sir. It was just one of those "too good to pass up" deals.

We dragged it home a couple of weeks ago and waited for the floors to be finished before adding furniture on the new (old) wood. But, that Big Ass TV and it's stand were the first items to re-enter the den. Men!

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  1. I refused to buy a BATV for years until I too got a deal too good to pass up.

    I dearly love my BATV. It is a thing of beauty.