Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just My Luck

I've been wanting to take the kids up to the pool this week. Today was hotter than hades, but our pool is closed on Wednesdays. Today would have been a perfect day for it.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain. :::Sigh:::: June is almost over and school starts again on August 21, so we're running out of days to enjoy the pool, really.

I think Friday, we'll head to Huntington. I need to stop in at Linens n Things and pick up some other window treatments. And, then I'll be done with the windows. I also need a new kitchen trash can and they have a great selection there, so the Evil Twin can help me load the thing in the van.

One really great thing did happen today, although it's a strange good thing and some people might not agree with me. One of my contractors broke a light fixture in my hallway. He came down the hallway, holding broken fragments and told me to buy a new light. I laughed because it was such an ugly light and I really hated it and had honestly thought - just yesterday! - that I should buy something new and have it replaced while my guys are here working anyway.

So, in a strange twist of events, I did get a new hallway light. One that I really happen to love a whole lot. I've made so many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot lately, they probably recognize me by now! LOL.

I'm starting to think I should buy new lights for our bedroom and the baby's room and just get the whole upstairs finished! Hmmmm. I'll have to give that some more thought. My contractors will be back to install my new door and screen door, so maybe they can squeeze in two light changes too.

It's a good thing we're all friends and they love me!


  1. I wish that someone would break the light over my kitchen table...
    LOL....and pay to replace it. You got lucky!

  2. Maybe your guys could come over and break my front door, bathroom lights and faucets and really mess up the upstairs carpet...please.

  3. The pool is closed on a Wednesday? Weird!

  4. We need more pictures. I'm just sayin'.

    I'm about to enter the "Home Depot is my second home" phase. This is good, because I LOVE the smell of fresh lumber. Yay!!!