Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Great White Screen

My life has been pretty much consumed with this home remodeling madness. I feel like I just don't have anything interesting to discuss. And, so, this white screen looms.

Actually, there is an orange button and a blue button on the page, too, so I suppose it isn't all just white and loco. And uninspiring. Crap on a cracker. My life is dull. I haven't even been out and about much, so I haven't been able to observe any human flotsam or moments of inspiration.

The Evil Twin had an interesting thing happen on Monday. On his way to work, a pick up truck pulled out of a run down apartment complex and then passed him, going very fast. He was behind it most of the way to work. About half way to his office, one of the two guys inside threw a hand gun out the window. It hit something on the side of the road and bounced back into the road - landing in the middle of the right lane. The ET went over it in his car. He decided to call 911.

The dispatcher asked if he could get close enough to the truck to give plate numbers. He sped up and was able to provide the information.

The Sherriff's office has called him back a few times with other questions, but the last phone call was detailing what had happened. The guys in the truck had been a several day crime spree. The truck was stolen - the first vehicle they stole was a van and they had abandoned that when they robbed the truck owner at gun point and took that.

Then, they robbed a man who lives at the run down apartment complex. His call to 911 had come in shortly before the Evil Twin's call. Police were sent to look for the gun, but it wasn't recovered. The sherriff thinks someone saw a freebie and took it. But, he assured the Evil Twin that these perps will be nabbed.

Exciting things happen to a quarter of the family, at least.


  1. BRAVO to him for calling 911 on it! More people should be willing to help when they see something odd like that.

  2. Surprised they haven't asked him if he knows anything about what happened to the gun. I've called the sheriff a couple times about hooligans in our neighborhood and somehow they turn it around to me asking what I was doing out so late walking around.

    I love trailing potential perps. It makes me feel like Mannix.

  3. Good for the evil twin...not too evil this time. Maybe the Sheriff's will give him an honorary badge.