Thursday, June 21, 2007


My Aunt, Uncle and cousin are coming to Charleston tomorrow and they're meeting us for lunch. They live in Lewisburg, which is about 2 hours southeast of us. Sometimes, we arrange to meet at Tamarack in Beckley - which is a good "in between" spot for us all.

My uncle is my dad's older brother and out of all the kids in the family (there were 10 total), my dad and Uncle John looked the most alike. Since my parents have both passed away, my Uncle John and Aunt Sally have become surrogate grandparents to Buddy and Sissy. They spoil them like crazy.

My family has been extremely close to this set of relatives all my life. I would spend a few weeks in the summer at their house, hanging around and having a great time. Way back, they lived next door to my aunt's parents (who weren't related to me), but I still called them Nana and Pops and I loved them with all my heart.

So, we haven't seen Sally, John and my cousin Liz since Christmas time, when we all met up at Tamarack. They will be shocked at how much bigger Sissy is now and she even says a few words. One of her more popular tricks is when she hears someone say "Ewwwww", she sticks her finger in her nose. She thinks it's hilarious. I hope she grows out of it! LOL.

I think I'll add a pic of Sissy enjoying her bean bag chair. She thinks she is IT when she sits on this thing.

You didn't think I was going to show her face, now did you? :-) She's very busy watching the Big Ass TV. Noggin is on all day from 6 am to 6 pm and she doesn't miss a lick of any Backyardigans show.

We're waiting until all the contractor work is finished before we put down the area rugs we purchased. I went way overboard with them, so I better love them when I see them, in person. But, I hope to have a fully finished "after" pic of this room SOON! Next week.....

See ya - same time, same blog.


  1. It's weird now that the kids are older I don't know any of the newer "children" shows.

    I do sit and laugh with my daughter and watch Spongebob and laugh our asses off. Patrick is IT for me.

  2. Face shot or not, she is adorable. have a wonderful time with the family. Eager to see the afters.

  3. Good call on the picture of Sissy.

    She is adorable, and you are safe.

    I had a few pics of The Nooze on my blog, and took them down. They were old pictures, but still.

    You just can't be too careful with some things.