Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More on Critters

Okay, so I think I told you all about our little turtle visitor. I left out a dish of water and some grapes. The grapes were gone by the next morning, but I don't know who ate them. We get plenty of non-domestic visitors in our area. Luckily, our little town has very strict animal control and leash laws, so we rarely see the wandering dog or cat and we hear yapping dogs even less than that! I've gotta love that.

In our old neighborhood, it was more rural and apparently, every family who moved in felt it was a pre-requisite to acquire a dog to park in their yard somewhere.... never to pay attention to it again. I got so sick of hearing barking dogs. And, I got sick of cats using my mulch as a litter box. I'd walk up on my front porch and it smelled like cat turds. GROSS!

When we had cats, they were inside only. Declawed in front and pampered beyond belief. We never tested my theory, but I once said we could leave our front door open all day and come home to find both cats inside, waiting on us. They weren't very bright cats, but they knew where the treats came from.

The cat I had prior to meeting the Evil Twin was a calico. She was a very special baby to me. She walked on a lead and loved to go bye -byes in the car. She slept right beside me every night. I still miss her sooo much.

Anyway, the day after our turtle sighting, we had a fawn in our back yard. So cute. Here are a couple pics of our visitors:

The turtle that Buddy wanted to adopt. (left)
The fawn who couldn't find his way out of the gate! (below)


  1. That fawn has the body of a 1959 Cadillac; long and lean!

  2. My daughter found a turtle in our driveway that must have wandered over from the pond across the street. It's shell was cracked so I did a little fix on it and we released it back at the pond the next day.

    We still see it once in a while when taking the dog for a walk. It's hard to miss the bondo job I did.