Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wildlife Day

We have a little parakeet and his name is Apple. (at least I think he's a boy - that's what we'll stick with anyway). Sometimes, he's more tame than others. He definitely has his moods. Yesterday, I had opened up the top of the cage and left it open all day. Every now and then, he'd hop out on the very top and just sit there.

This morning, I took the covers off his cage and he started acting very aggravated. Squaking like a madman and hopping all over. I went over and opened the top again and he started chirping and flew out onto the "roof". He even flew out around the room and back to his cage a couple of times.

This is pretty big for him because prior to this, he wouldn't even think about coming out of his cage. I'm really hoping he'll become a social bird who likes to spend time with the family. Here he is on my finger:

Isn't he cute? I just love his feathery little self. Then, if his new trick wasn't cool enough for the day, we found a neat-o turtle in our front yard. We have a very steep front yard and he was more than half way up it. He had to have been working on it all day.
Buddy wanted to keep him, but we had to let him do his thing. I did bring out a little bowl of water and some grapes, in case he might be interested in that sort of thing.
If he's not, all the chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits will be sure to take the treats. We also get parades of deer at different times of the year up here, but they're mostly interested in my apple tree and the hostas in the back yard.
We love all our cool critters, even if they do eat any flower I try to plant except the pansies that come back year after year. Oh, and they tend to leave my rose bushes alone, too.
Well, I'm off to do my injection and fold my third load of laundry. I also need to pick up in the kitchen a bit. It's back to the old grind tomorrow. The Evil Twin has work, our construction guys should be back to finish up (hopefully by Tuesday!) and we'll have to hit the ground running first thing in the morning! Shew!


  1. I am laughing...I never really thought of birds as social...but yours looks quite cute and pet-like. We have tons of critters year round...the garden is fenced, fruit trees fenced, as for flowers? Deer will go right up to our windows to get to them as I plant them as close as I can to deter just this....obvioulsy not working! I'd go with the better windows....will pay off in the long run with heating and cooling.

  2. When my daughter was in college, she worked in a pet shop. They gave her 2 injured parakeets; one had a weird beak and the other had been attacked by a macaw and had only one foot. We named them Bilbo and Belladonna, but we never knew if they were male or female. They were very social and loved being petted and talked to. They just had to get comfortable with us and know we weren't going to hurt them.

  3. Birds are scary always flapping around. Give me a snake anyday.