Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sneak Preview

Here's a little preview of my porcelain tile kitchen. This tile goes back into the half bath behind the kitchen and the little landing area before you take a left to go downstairs. I am very pleased with it.

There's Buddy's little step stool that he still uses sometimes. Sometimes, he just monkeys up the cabinets to get a glass. LOL.

This tile is Italian. I think it's called Castellano Dorato, or some such fancy title. My main reason for picking it was that I felt it wouldn't show dirt easily. I can do some dirt disguising - although I am a regular Swiffer user. Wouldn't matter either way, I could clean all day and the Evil Twin would still find a speck I missed.

That's what I get for marrying a military man.

The good news is: I have about 98% of a new half bathroom. It looks great. If any of you will be travelling to or through Charleston, please stop by and admire my new toilet and sink. I'll even provide the TP for free. And, take you to lunch. At Mayberry's of course - unless it's a Monday. Curse them for taking a day off!!! :-)


  1. The tile was a great pick. Looks fantastic.

    Our local retaurants take their weekends on Sunday and Monday as does the local barber.

  2. Hi there! I saw you at Kenju's blog and came over because of your name, lol! I parked behind a car the other day whose license plate said EvilTwin. You haven't been to Bluefield, WV lately have you? ;)

    We are having our kitchen redone now, and our tile is a lot like yours. It's also Italian porcelain called Pietra Di Assissi Noce. They will lay it next week. I hope it comes out as nice as yours-- it looks great!

    My hubby works in Charleston 3 days a week & we almost moved there last year. Small world :)

  3. Did you, by chance, purchase the tile at Dal Tile?

    I am familiar with a line from Dal called Dorato.

    It is reasonable, sturdy, and well made.

    Great choice for your kitchen. The installers did an incredible job.

    Remember: No Swiffer Wet on this, ok? Just the dry stuff, with the occasional (minimally) damp mop!