Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why Does It Become A New Beast?

Okay, we're in week two of remodeling. I have a crew putting in porcelain tile in the kitchen and half bath. The same tile will be used in the main full bathroom (which is being gutted to the studs and redone). We've been living and working around all this chaos for the time being.

Tonight, the Evil Twin took me and the young 'uns to a lumber place to pick crown moulding and then to Lowe's for more picking of items. I told a friend of mine that it's like building a new house, only we have to live here while it's being built. Dragsville. However, we are lucky that we have the room to shift and slide around and still be relatively comfortable, if not in the same rooms we normally haunt. We're exploring the more utilitarian side of our home and really enjoying the new facets.

As anyone who has undertaken any remodeling or building project knows, the "thing" grows out of hand. One thing leads to another and I'm growing weary of being a money pit. It gives me pleasure to know that once it's all finished - then we're finished. For. Life.

We'll live in this house 'til we die or what-not. It seems like there are quite a few of my bloggy friends who are in my same boat with updates or remodels right now, too. Isn't that weird how that works out?

Ugh, now I'm all fired up to remove the kitchen wallpaper. Don't tell the Evil Twin, his butthole might explode from the stress. LOL.


  1. "his butthole might explode from the stress" Classic, just classic. I know the never ending remodel. Once you start it's always, "Just one more thing".

  2. Hi, sorry it took me a few days to visit. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have met very few people with my name and add to that no middle name.

    Been there done the remodel thing...and less than a year after completion WE MOVED. Your floor look beautiful. I'll be back to visit again.