Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our Remodeling Projects

We have several projects in the works to upgrade our house. We bought this house three years ago from the previous owners, who had been here 35 years. The house is 51 years old. The people we bought it from had done some updates (particularly the kitchen, which is really nice), but had particular tastes that just don't jive with ours.

To wit: The wife of the couple apparently LOVED the color pink. She didn't miss a trick to use pink if she could and it looks as if someone threw up Pepto Bismol in every corner. But, we knew the house had potential and nothing horrible was permanent.

The basement carpeting is obviously a relic from the 70s - it's a gold shag and it's falling apart. So that's on the agenda.

But, the biggest issue is the "main" bathroom. Back in the 50s, no one thought a master bathroom was a must-have (although I'm trying to talk the Evil Twin into an addition). So, we have the one main bathroom, and a half bath on the main floor. We have a full bathroom on the lower floor. It's obviously pretty modern-ish. The "main" bathroom is a freaking nightmare of pink and it's super crowded.

The Evil Twin made a proposition on Thursday to remove the glass doors from the shower/bath and just hang a regular curtain/liner on a tension rod. I was all for it. We spent $40 and it looks amazing. I already have picked a new vanity, mirror and toilet for that room. We plan on having it removed to the studs and redone. It will be an incredible transformation, but we'll have to use our other bathroom downstairs for a week or so. That should be interesting. I really plan on opening up the room (it's so small to begin with, but I think I've found the solution).

I'm getting excited because I love this sort of thing. It's a real pain in the ass during the process, but I'm always pleased when it's finished and I can enjoy my new surroundings. It won't be cheap, but it will all be worth it in the end. We did the same sort of thing with our old house right before we sold it. We will NOT be selling this one anytime in the near future! LOL.


  1. How fun!

    Out of curiousity, how old were the owners?

    My parents remodeled last year (before Mum passed away). The entire upstairs is Pepto Bismol pink! I think dad is leaving it in order to 'keep mum there' for a while, but I can't imagine leaving it forever. I am seeing a future visit involving many gallons of KILZ!

    When you pull up the basement carpet, what are you putting in? Or are you going to leave the floor bare?

    Please take before and after pics!

  2. They were 69 and 71 when they sold it.

    And,we think we're going to go with a burber (sp?) in the basement. We'll have to look around.

  3. We did a burber in the basement and it looks great and is easy to care for.