Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Home

When the interstate was being built through our little section of WV - years and years and years ago - the area where we live lobbied to not have the interstate too close. They enjoyed being off the beaten path. We are accessible to the interstate, it's just not right down the road. No big deal.

Some folks say it's like Mayberry here. Which is really true. It also happens to be the name of a family run restaurant in town. The people who own it have children who attend the same school as Buddy - they're very generous with helping at the school plus, the food there is delicious. Sure, it's a sandwich place - nothing fancy. But, that's part of the charm.

It's decorated with Coke wallpaper, Andy Griffith and Mayberry posters, Elvis is also predominant.

We eat there almost every Friday. And, we usually order the exact same things. The girls who waitress are all really sweet and they take extra special care of us. Today, they had Sissy behind the counter and were showing her off to the other patrons!

As is customary, we ate there today and it was great. We had Buddy and Sissy with us, since this is still Spring Break for Buddy. The thing I like most about it, aside from the food, is that nearly every time we're in there, we see at least one person we know. It's such a neat place and I'm so glad we have it here in our town. So, Biff and Blitz, if y'all do want to come down and fix my light (damn electrician still hasn't called!), we'll take you to Mayberry's! :-)

But, as with everything in our little burg, it's closed on Mondays.


  1. I haven't been back there for years, but I may take you up on that Mayberry offer, when I am in Chas. this summer.....LOL

  2. Oh! You better look me up! I would love to take you to Mayberry's.

  3. We had a place just like that west of Indianapolis called The Mayberry Cafe. Inside was all Andy Griffith memorabilia, they had a Galaxie 500 police cruiser out front and the waitressess all had high hair. Great food.

    What is with the electrician? I'm off starting next Thursday for eight days, keep us informed!

  4. BK - there's a pic of that cafe at our Mayberry's! Small world.

  5. I've worked on hundreds of houses, and one customer in particular always talked about her 'Electriciaman.' Stuck with me all these years, still not sure if she thought that was the correct pronunciation...

    Time to let him know you're serious, give him a deadline to get it done.

    I do like the idea of a Fan Party though, get a buncha bloggers over and spruce up the wiring...