Thursday, April 5, 2007

Check It Out!

Taking a cue from Wordnerd - with her comment that SHE has the ugliest light ever, I had to take a snapshot of our li'l beauty. Doesn't this just SCREAM 1970s whorehouse? I haven't heard from the electrician yet, but I'm actually getting eager to get this monstrosity out of my house, no matter what the cost!

Buddy is off school tomorrow and all next week for Easter Break. It will be nice to forego the usual schedule for a week, but I also don't do well with change. It's also supposed to be a bit on the cooler side - when we just had temps in the mid 80s last week! Go figure. I hope we're able to get out and enjoy a couple of fun activities.

I wish the Evil Twin could get a day or two off next week, but who knows? Their employee pool is dropping like flies over there. They just lost another writer this past week.

I'm watching Survivor as usual and it's really getting interesting over there. I don't know who is going home tonight, but I hope it's Lisi. She's obnoxious. I was happy about Rocky last week, too, Blitz! Okay, now I know, but I'm not telling! Nyah!

The blogging has been kinda spotty this week because my real life is interfering with my beloved be-logging. Damn American Idol and Survivor! LOL. I'll keep you all updated on my light fixture situation. Maybe I'll even post an "after" pic when the new fixture goes in. You just never know what craziness I'll come up with next.


  1. Lisi gone, Woohoo! Wonder what the big twist is going to be this week.

    If I knew the light was that ugly I would have driven over this week during my off days to take it down for you. It would have been better than sittng on the phone with HP.

  2. Wow. That light IS ugly.

    I have a few ugly lights in my house, too.

    Not quite 70's whorehouse, but not far off, either.