Monday, April 2, 2007

It's Electrifying!

We had a bit of excitement here yesterday morning. A little background, though, is needed.

We bought our current house about three years ago and it's an older home. It definitely needs some updates, but we thought it had a lot of potential and we knew we'd get around to making it "ours" someday. It took me eight years to decide on some updates on our first house, then we turned around and sold it! LOL.

Anyway, along with this house, we got the loveliest (ahem) ceiling fan in our dining room area. This thing looks like it was salvaged from a cathouse in Reno in the 70s. Gold, faux marble look -- just really, really awful. I knew it had to go. But, I'd been looking around for the "perfect" replacement. Like I said, I like to bide my time and look at lots of options.

It's got three gold "tubes" that each house a light bulb. About midweek last week, I was in bed after the Evil Twin got up and I heard this loud kind of buzzing noise, but thought it was coming from outside. When ET came to get me, he asked if I had heard the noise and explained that one of the three lights had shorted out, so there were only 2 working lights on the fan.

I figured we'd limp along with the two lights until we had some other remodeling done (future plans). Well, that ceiling fan decided it had different plans. When the Evil Twin turned the light on Sunday morning, it popped, cracked, sputtered and issued forth with some stinky smoke. I really wasn't too bummed because I do truly hate it.

We had to go to Home Depot and find a replacement. Then, I had to call the electrician. Here's where my fretting comes in. We have 4 lights total that need to be replaced. Lord knows how much it's going to cost. We've used this electrician in the past and he really wasn't super overpriced, but still, it's money and it's my money and there are some other big expenses coming up, but as always, I will manage.

Anyway, I get a new light (finally!) and we had a little fireworks show thrown in for good measure, and the house didn't burn down, so it's all good.


  1. Heck, if it was only my off week and I was your neighbor. After twelve years as a nuclear electrician and two years of teaching the National Electric Code I love doing small electrical jobs for the family and neighbors.

    I think I'd crap if I saw what a guy charges for that kind of work.

  2. I have a bathroom light fixture that I just keep willing to break so I can replace it. I may just have to show it to you guys one day so you can know exactly WHAT 'ugly' is. It's that bad!