Monday, September 1, 2008

A Late Update on a Lazy Labor Day

I thought I would pop in quickly this evening and let you all know that my labor day weekend was a bit on the boring side... Until last night!

I had just begun to get my drink on, and the phone rang. It was my new friend, Inanna and as we chatted, I started thinking, "Well, hell, why don't you just come over?" So I asked her and she accepted.

She and her 12 year old son wanted to grab something to eat first, but they were over in a flash. Buddy was thrilled to have another Pokemon and video game fan over! The boys immediately went to Buddy's room to play Wii.

Inanna and I had the BEST time chatting. At one point, we were both sitting in my hammock - rocking back and forth and talking about everything under the sun (or stars as the case may be, but it wasn't a very starry night last night).

I proceeded to get blotto drunk - good times, my friends. Inanna decided she was tired and even though I offered up the Blogger's Quarters (our guest bedroom), she wanted her own bed (and I can totally relate) and futhermore, she's only a few short blocks away from us.

I did, however, talk her into letting her son spend the night. He and Buddy were clearly having too much fun to stop - and I don't think they did stop until about 5 am. LOL.

When Sissy woke up - close to 8 am, I was feeling pretty rough, but got up and started the morning routine. I called Inanna to see if she wanted to come over for breakfast - and no, I didn't cook - I simply sent the Evil Twin down the street to Tudor's Biscuit World, which has some of the finest breakfast fare anywhere.

Inanna and her son are truly a delight and I hope we get to spend more time with them in the future.


  1. It does my heart a world of good to read this!! I'm so happy I could bring the two of you together. I just knew that you (and BG and BB) would like her. I know you are probably good for her too!! Just call me "matchmaker".....LOL

  2. Just chatting and drinking are the best times aren't they? Sounds like you had a great evening!

  3. It was a great evening! Nate had so much fun with Buddy. And Sissy looks so much like my niece! Nice meeting the Evil Twin as well. Can't wait for another hammock night.

  4. Making a new friend id always nice.

  5. Sounds like fun. I miss hammocks. We don't have a good space for one in our backyard. The squirrels are an issue too, b/c they ruined one in the backyard of the house I grew up in!

  6. kenju - that meeting was meant to be and I will always be eternally grateful for your "matchmaking".

    Vinomom - it was great, but in all honesty, it was just me drinking. Inanna had one beer and one glass of wine and proceeded to hang out with my drunk self for the evening(that's how I KNOW she is true friend material).

    Inanna - you best be making our house a frequent stop-over. I can't get away much b/c of Sissy, but you're always welcome here.

    K - I know, right?

    Gigi - why are squirrels so cute, yet so damaging? They seem to ruin everything good, even if they are cute as bug's ears.

  7. How fun! I love nights like that! :)

  8. It must be nice to be well off and have a glamorous life. Maybe the next time the evil twin needs a new razor you won't be cheap and spend some extra money on a really good one for him?

    After all, it sounds to me like he treats you pretty damn good, and deserves the same in return.

    I couldn't live with you and your need to be spoiled, but that is just me. :-)

  9. Nuthin more fun than a few bottles of wine (or whatever you girls tapped) and good conversation!

  10. That's my kind of laid back fun. So glad you guys had a great time and the plus of Buddy gaining a new friend.

  11. Sweeeet!

    Also? I don't think you're spoiled. ;)

  12. Hey, sounds like a grand day to me! Way cool to have blog friends nearby. :)

    Spoiled is a GOOD thing.

  13. Laura - you're next!

    Ron - it was really nice.

    BBC - good thing I'm already spoken for then! And what gives you the impression that we are "well-off" or that I am spoiled? Because you are so wrong on both accounts.

    Momma - I'm all class. I buy the Box o' Wine.

    themom - I know - I think I'm every bit as excited about my new friend as I am that Buddy made a new friend, too.

    Tiff - thanks!

    Janis - It is really cool. It's just amazing that she and I hadn't run into each other at the store or around town....

  14. You know, you should really get to know someone "off the blog" before making completely inaccurate assumptions, BBC.

  15. I love the smell of Tudors in the morning.