Saturday, September 20, 2008

Made a Decision

I had a weird dream last night. I usually always have weird dreams. I won't go into the whole thing, but it involved roast beef sandwiches.

I was a vegetarian for nine years and I still have "issues" with meat and textures, especially.

There are times I can enjoy a roast beef sandwich, but ordering roast beef at a restaurant is a very iffy proposition.

At places I feel very at home, I will ask about the roast beef before I order it.

One place I never had to worry about was Subway. It was always fresh and never fatty or undercooked.

Until about a month or so ago, when we picked up Subway for our Saturday Night Special. I got the $5 foot long roast beef sub. It was disgusting. The only thing I can figure is that with their $5 foot long promo, they had changed distributors and the quality had gone WAY down.

Then, there was one time at Mayberry's where I received a very fatty "Opie" sub (roast beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, mayo).

When I woke up this morning and recalled my dream involving gristly roast beef sandwiches, I decided - at that moment - that roast beef is completely dead to me now. I will never order it again.

Then, the Evil Twin and I got to talking about Arby's. I maintain that their roast beef product is a chopped and re-formed meat block. There's never any fat on their sandwiches. I'm really not sure what the deal is.

So, I suppose I will continue to eat the occasional Arby's sandwich, but all other roast beef offerings are off the menu, for me.


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  2. Roast beef is not that difficult to give up, but bacon.... OMG!! Bacon is like the Crack Cocaine of the meat world. You just can't stop and it's possible to become addicted after one slice.

  3. We have a chain here called 'Lions Choice' (Don't know if they have it in WV) far as 'fast food' roast beef goes, its way better than Arby's. They actually slice the meat off of a huge roast. Used too be better, but still pretty good.

  4. I have major texture issues as well with more than just meat. I have crazy ass dreams all the time too! I think it's the meds. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a movie non stop all night. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Speaking of dreams, I had bad scary dreams of the hairy guy in the picture from Thursday...I think that I've been scarred for life. I may start carrying a can of Nair in my purse for self defense, LOL.

  6. I cannot and will not eat shrimp for two reasons: texture and it still looks pretty much the same way it did when it was walking around on the bottom of the tank/pool/ocean. Blech.

    About the only roast beef I eat (other than the occasional Arby's roast-beef-like product) is what I've had sliced at the deli. I used to love Kroger's Private Select label's garlic roast beef (always tender, no gristle, never bloody). Of course, Kroger's no longer carries it because it's a food I like.

    Ron's right: Bacon addictively rules the sandwich meat world.

  7. Ron - Bacon is the shizzle, but again, at some places it's not cooked too well and it's all rubbery and chewy. But, if I make it at home....mmmmmmmm.

    Efen - we don't have one of those. Dang.

    Vinomom - I have texture issues about lots of things, too, but meat is the main one.

    MEL - LOL. Just hope that man never has to prepare your food. (just to give you more nightmares - hee hee).

    BB - What is that Arby's meat product anyway? TET claims that it is whole real roast beef, but I just don't think it's possible.

  8. Oh, I think it's beef, but I think it's re-formed beef (as opposed to reformed beef, which is beef that used to act bad but now has learned its place in the world). That mother-of-pearlish shimmer of Arby's roast beef is what makes me think it's re-formed. Much like sandwich ham, it's the shimmer that says, "We took the gristle out for you."

  9. I'm weird about salads and lettuce in particular. I hate to order sandwiches at certain places mainly because of wondering how long they have had the "stuff" sitting in the cooler and i use that word loosely. Arby's is still on my OK list but it wouldn't take much to remove it....and then there is the McRib.

  10. I seldom order beef away from home, preferring to cook it my way. Chicken or fish are fine. Bacon I am addicted to, although mr. kenju cannot (is not supposed to) have it anymore, so I don't have it at home. When I was at the beach with my family last week (sans mr.) I ate so much bacon at breakfast buffets that I almost got sick!

  11. I can only tolerate roast beef about 1-2 times per year in sandwich form. It MUST be deli sliced only.

    I have texture issues with pork chops. EWWWWWW.

  12. It's not just meat eaters with the texture problem. I can't remember the name of the company, but they make a vegetarian pulled BBQ "beef" that is so much like gristly fatty meat that I almost hurl and cannot eat more than a few bites (even though it tastes great). I feel the same way about the Gimme Lean breakfast sausage too. It's too much like real meat.

  13. BB - I appreciate that effort because I do not like gristle.

    Rosemary - you can tell that McRib is nasty just by looking at it. I wonder why they keep bringing it back. I think, "Who is ordering that? Not me."

    kenju - I would have loaded up on the bacon too. In fact, that's what I do at the Shoney's breakfast buffet!

    Renn - I don't even eat pork chops. I have never even cooked one.

    honeywine - some things are just questionable in nature and shouldn't be consumed.

  14. I prefer chicken, turkey and seafood.

  15. The only way I'll eat roast beef is if it is very, very rare. I bet that grosses you out.

    The apple crisp turned out great. My husband loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  16. Few things in life are better than an Arby's roast beef sandwich! Where I grew up in VA, there was a chain called Hardee's - we don't have them here and it really pisses me off. Anyway, they used to have a great roast beef sandwich - pair that with sweet tea and life is good!

  17. Roast Beef is also dead to me for the same reasons you stated and I too still adore Arbys! I really don't think we can classify arby's sandwich filler as meat anyway but man.. is it tastey!

  18. BBC - I like some seafood, not so hot on chicken and turkey.

    Lauren - that does gross me out! :-) Glad the apple crisp turned out well.

    Momma - we have a few Hardee's around here. Anything with sweet tea is perfection!

    Crystal - Now, I'm thinking Arby's! LOL.

  19. don't forget the "arby's sauce" I can't believe I had never tried the sauce until my friend told me about's yummmmm good & now I gotta have it with my arby's

  20. I, too, am very picky about my roast beef. I thin kit goes back to my childhood, and my dad sometimes cooking cheap cuts of meat. I need to inspect it thoroughly before eating.

  21. I lurve me some Arby's but there had better be a bathroom nearby...

  22. Sarah - we love the arbeque sauce. It is tasty!

    Gigi - All I have to do is see or smell something I feel is "suspicious" - and I'm not eating it!

    Bucky - LOL! That reminds me of a skit on "The Man Show" (Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel). Adam's on the toilet and suddenly a hot babe materializes. Of course, he's drooling and wondering about his good fortune. Then, she sniffs around and starts lighting matches, fanning her face. And *poof* she disappears. Adam waves his fist in the air and yells, "Damn you, Arby's. Damn you to hell!" LOL.

  23. I can't eat any kind of burger at all. And roast beef is only ok if I cook it myself and remove a very low fatty piece of it.

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I come close. It's all about what grosses me out.