Saturday, September 27, 2008


When my mom (the one who raised me) died, I took the jewelry from the house. That included her wedding band, dad's wedding band and her engagement ring. The engagement ring had always been promised to me - as long as I can remember.

She promised the piano to my brother. He decided to sell that rather than move it, and that was his choice.

Her engagement ring is beautiful. My dad had bought the seven diamonds separately and had them mounted in a custom setting, which was white gold. The band was yellow gold.

I hate yellow gold with all my heart because it does not look good on my skin tone. It seems to be a common thing with my biological family also. My bio mom says, "You're a _______. We never wear yellow gold."

The Evil Twin's wedding band and mine are the same white gold - same shape and fit. My engagement ring is white gold.

So, after my mom passed away, I wore her engagement ring on my right ring finger. The band was so worn out from it's many years of usage (almost 40). I wore it for nearly 3 years before that tiny yellow gold band just wore through at the bottom.

I took it to a local jewelry place for a repair. It cost much less than I thought it would. And now, I have a "new to me" ring.


  1. White gold does look really good on you, ETW. That's a beautiful ring from the side and I bet it looks even nicer from above.

  2. That is beautiful. The jeweler did an incredible job.

  3. Just how big is that rock? Cool that you could have it re-done.

  4. Dave - I've always loved it, all my life.

    Renn - I thought so too, and they cleaned it nicely before I picked it up.

    Tiff - it is not that large. The center stone is half a carat, surrounded by 6 smaller stones.

  5. My wedding band and engagement rings are both yellow gold, but I want to get them changed to white gold. In fact, I think I'll ask for a few additional diamonds added to the setting in the process! Maybe for a tenth anniversary gift?

  6. They did a good job with the repair. I've always liked white gold much more than the yellow.

  7. Size never matters as much as the amount of love and memories attached to it do, and your love and memories of them are what make that ring priceless. Excellent to hear that you've gotten it ready to wear again!

  8. It's beaufiful and so sweet. reminds me of my great-grandfather's (from WV) ruby ring. It's also worn through, but it's really too big for me anyhow. I like keeping it the way it was as a memento, but it does seem a shame that no one wears it.

  9. Lauren - it was way cheaper than I thought it would be...adding diamonds might up the price a bit. ;-) I'm considering this my 15th anniversary gift!

    Ron - I was impressed by the workmanship also.

    BB - that's exactly what I told the salesguy when I dropped it off: That the sentimental value, for me, was priceless. BTW, I dropped it off at Calvin Broyles in Spring Hill thanks to your advice.

    honeywine - if you get the band repaired, they can create the new band in your size. You should look into it.

  10. Ditto what BB said and the ring is beautiful! I have my mom's diamond, too. I had it remounted because the jeweler said the old Tiffany mounting was too old and loose to be safe. I do wear yellow gold, and I like it, but most of the jewelry I wear is silver.

  11. Really beautiful. My mother's ring was my grandmothers as well. It went to the oldest female grandchild, my cousin. sniff. my mom left me a 7 diamond "cocktail" ring and i had the stones made into earrings and gave the largest center stone to my daughter.

  12. How incredibly special and wonderful! What a treasure for you and Sissy(someday)!

  13. 27, 2008 at 10:26 PM

    wow! Your nails look as good as that ring! Ha, ha, just had to say that:-)

  14. kenju - I think some people are just better suited for yellow gold - I loved your engagement ring! It looks perfect on you.

    rosemary - It's great how different jewelry can be adapted!

    Momma - I know! She'll get this ring and my rings too.

    MsPulp - thanks! But my cuticles are making me nuts.

  15. That ring is gorgeous!

    I was a very bad teen
    I sold my baby ring (18k gold)
    and my mother's engagement ring
    (they were since divorced by this time)

    I truly regret that.
    Not only because I no longer remember WHY I sold them, but also because I would love to have them back right about now.

    She never asked me
    what I did with them.

  16. Unfortunately, having been in the "industry" for quite some time - I have sooo many rings, necklaces and such - believe it or not, none of my kids like jewelry. Doesn't matter, I always said I was like Evel Knieval - I can't get more life insurance - so you have diamonds. (they only appreciate.) I have several 14K yellow gold pieces and now like white much better - I have had the pieces rhodiumed. They look beautiful. Your ring is quite lovely.

  17. I'm so sentimental about family jewelry. That's such a beautiful ring, and that you're able to carry part of what your mom held dear is what makes it priceless. Sissy will undoubtedly feel the same way, years from now. :)

  18. My mother threw away, yes, threw away a ring that had belonged to my great-grandfather because the band wore through. I was so angry! I was even angrier that she kept my paternal grandmother's wedding set and had it broken down into earrings. She couldn't stand my grandmother while she was alive yet thought nothing of taking the ring.

    Its a beautiful ring... and a hotspot for me.

  19. Citizen X - Teenaged brains just don't work in the most responsible manner. I'm sorry about your rings.

    themom - I think I need more diamonds! I'm an April baby, so that's my birthstone. Your kids will change their minds about the jewelry someday, I'm sure.

    Laura - I hope she likes it. It's looking like she'll have similar skin tone as me, so she'll look nice in white gold.

    Inanna - that's crazy that it got thrown out! I hope there are other sentimental pieces still around you can love and keep.