Monday, September 29, 2008


Sunday was an overcast day and pretty boring. I did several loads of laundry, did my crossword puzzle, the cryptoquip, read the paper, clipped the coupons, fed the natives. The usual.

By about three pm, I had some free time to make a couple of phone calls. I called my friend in Tennessee and spoke to her for a bit, then I called Nana M (my biological mom).

She took a new job about a month ago. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it's somewhat like a temp agency job, but this one sends its' employees to different locations for the duration of the job. So, she's been in a different state for about three weeks.

She went grocery shopping yesterday and when she returned to the hotel the company is providing for her, she realized her wallet was missing. She doesn't know if it dropped out of her purse or if she absentmindedly put it in the front of the cart, then forgot it after she loaded the groceries or what.

But, it's missing. It had some cash in it, but more importantly, had her driver's license, her bank card and a credit card (with some other important items). It also contained her social security card and copy of her birth certificate. The last two things can be easily replaced and she's already called to put a block on the cards and get new ones.

Luckily, she had just bought enough food to last her for a long while and she really won't be needing anything in the next week or so.

I feel bad that she is several states away from "home", but I have faith that everything will work out quickly. We're still hoping that someone might find the wallet and turn it into customer service of the grocery store.

Here's the wild "it's a small world" portion of this story.

I have belonged to a yahoo group for over 10 years. We're a group of 30 or so gals who were all expecting babies in April of 98. We started out on AOL, then moved to a private loop off of that when some members decided to go with different service providers.

We all mean a lot to each other and many of us have formed pretty tight friendships, even if we haven't all met each other. One gal I'm particularly close to lives in the state where Nana M is right now. Nana M is Jewish and my friend who lives in the same state is Jewish.

Nana M had mentioned a Jewish Temple nearby her hotel that she had noticed. I said, "That temple is where my friend "J" works as a preschool teacher. Let me ask her if they attend services there as well." So, a few emails and an IM later, I find out that "J" and her family do attend that temple AND they are 10 minutes away from Nana M.

My friend J is going to be picking up Nana M for tonight's services for Rosh Hashanah (which is Tuesday). How cool is that?

I've never met "J", so she'll meet my biological mom before she meets me, but that's cool. I'm very happy for them all and I know that Nana M and J will get along famously. And, I can't thank J enough for her kindness to offer to look out for Nana M while she is in an unfamiliar state.

God is good, y'all. Please keep my bio mom in your good thoughts that she can work out this missing wallet situation with a minimum of hassles.

It's Monday - so you all know where to find me. (The Mart of Wal).


  1. Here's hoping the wallet situation is solved quickly. It's amazing how something as simple as a blog has become such a network of friends connecting people around the Country and World.

  2. Thats really amazing! Hope all works out well!

  3. What a good story. I hope she finds her wallet! I would be in a panic state.

  4. I really hope her wallet is returned with nothing missing! The other part of the story is way cool and it just proves how great other bloggers are!

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  6. Wow. That is a neat thing your friend is doing for Nana M. I will say a prayer to St. Anthony that the wallet shows up.

  7. That's so cool and it proves that our paths do cross for a reason, even if it's indirectly on down the road. Hope the wallet is found and returned all intact!

  8. Gah!!! Warning! NEVER carry around your social security card with you. Never carry your birth certificate around with you.

    Please, oh, please! NEVER EVER carry them both around with you.

    Please tell Nana M that she needs to keep an excruciating eye on her credit for a while... those two documents will allow pretty much anyone on the planet to open any number of accounts in her name.

    Here's hoping some kind, non-criminal soul found that wallet and returns it intact!!

    Sorry - I work in security and I see people every day who get totally screwed over because someone used their identity to run up huge bills :(

  9. Ron - it really IS a small world.

    K - it's really neat how this one all worked out, too.

    Efen - I know! Too cool.

    JFab - she was at first, I think she's calmed down a little tiny bit.

    kenju - the other girl I mentioned is actually on a Yahoo group I've belonged to for more than 10 years (our boys are the same age).

    Gigi - I am so thrilled that my friend is close enough to show her around and introduce her to some of the other members of the temple. I know Nana M was feeling very homesick and missing her home temple.

    Carolyn - isn't that the truth?

    NCP - I will let her know. Thanks for making me aware of it too. I think she had the documents because she's out of state and wasn't sure when (or if)she would need the documentation.

  10. Oh that's so great! I sure hope Nana finds her stuff - what a stressful thing to happen - especially away from home.

  11. Please keep us in the loop regarding Nana M's wallet/id. I can't imagine being so far from home and going through that!

    I am so thankful that J is nearby and such a good friend.

  12. Momma - I know. She was really freaking out yesterday, but I think she's covered all the bases for now to get new cards issued.

    Rosemary - I still can't get over the coincidences!

    Renn - I will definitely keep you all updated. I can't talk to Nana M until tomorrow (Tues.) evening (it's killing me!). Isn't that cool how it all worked out?

  13. I really hope it shows up with all of her things inside. Hopefully it just slide down in the seat of the car or something.

  14. Awww, I hate that for her! Add my prayers and well wishes to the lot!

  15. We had such a great time with Nana M tonight! I was missing you though and wishing that you were with us.

    I hadn't read your blog until just now and didn't know about the wallet until after services. She seems pretty calm about everything now and is on the right track to getting it all resolved. She promises that she had enough food and such and refused any money from us. Don't worry, we're close by and I truly think that she'll call if she needs us.

    We're going to try to get together this weekend and then we'll be together again next week for Yom Kippur and then the next night she'll come over to break the fast.

    Being with Nana M during the High Holy days is just as much a gift for us!


  16. Inanna - I hope so too. I'm going to call her later this afternoon. :-)

    Laura - Thanks!

    Rangerzfan - (aka "J") - thank you for checking in with me and giving me the long distance update. I am blessed to have someone like you in my life!