Friday, September 5, 2008

The Snack Saga, Part II

Before I get started on the Part II, I must first disclose that letters were sent out at the beginning of the school year to all parents stating that due to the school's involvement in the Federal Hot Lunch program, we would no longer be able to send in cupcakes on our child's birthday. (Apparently, there is a big push towards fighting childhood obesity - a worthy goal and I get that...).

The school did state that there would be a celebration type thing each month for the kids who would have their birthday that month - not the same as mom sends cupcakes, but whatever. At this point in time, I'm used to arbitrary bureaucracy in life.

When Buddy came home and told me about the snack thing, I asked, "What kind of snack?" (IOW, I'm wondering what's expected of me, because there was no note and I wasn't sure if this shindig included sending drinks, etc.) - and that's why I called my first friend. Her son graduated from this same class a few years ago and she gave me some tips.

I picked up the chips and was then informed by Buddy that the teacher already had those.

Oooookayyy. Here is the deal at his school and Item A in my situation: All the children are given a snack break, usually around 9AM or so. There are snacks for sale in the school office for a quarter or the child can bring a snack from home. I send Buddy to school with a quarter each day for his snack.

Item B: The Fifth Grade students work all year long to raise money for their end of the year class trips before they graduate. Apparently, the 5th grade teacher sells her own snacks from the classroom (same price) and that money goes into the coffers for the class trip. 5th grade kids also work at every Fish Fry during Lent by clearing tables and waiting on customers to earn tips in the assorted tip jars set around on the Fish Fry tables. (Buddy's family will be above average tippers this year).

Item C: the only child in the school with severe peanut allergies is in Buddy's class (and has been since pre-school). We are used to this and read labels like crack-hos size up potential johns. Much like they don't want to solicit an officer of the law, we don't want to have this kid around any type of peanut product. Or, even a product that might have merely thought about being near a peanut.

After speaking with a second friend, whose son just graduated last year, she filled me in on the whys and wherefores of this snack business.

The teacher sells snacks from her classroom, the 5th grade nets the quarter for their field trips. She asks parents to send in assorted snacks every day, to be offered up for sale to further fund said trips.

I'm cool with that. I don't mind supporting that effort. But, now, we have some issues. The snack cannot be something perishable and truly, I wouldn't want to put the school at risk of losing funding if I sent brownies or such. I also now realize that it's not that I have to send one snack per student. The kids have a variety of snacks available in the room and they can buy whatever they want.

I need to buy snacks that have the ability to hold up for a few days or a week until it may be bought and consumed.

Buddy is taking a box of Pop Tarts and a box of fruit roll ups tomorrow.

I think I'll go to the exclusive Sam's Club and stock up on non-perishable snack items because I will be called upon again before too long.


  1. My God the rules! I think perhaps next time you should just send in dried soup packets and water! You can save the brownies for me....

  2. The same scenario at quite a few schools...a daunting task at times. I can relate to this one! Have a good day!

  3. Good grief! I could never handle it as a mom...I mean, it's hard enough with all the regular stuff, but throw in these snack rules and I'm having a seizure. If Lola ever goes to obedience school, she's gettin' her quarter and that's IT.

  4. Ron - LOL. But I think that might go over as well as salad.

    themom - It keeps life interesting, that's for sure. :-)

    rebecca - LOL. You're not far off the mark!

  5. Laura - I actually find it nutty hilarious. When I found out the real background (like I said, no note home or anything), my initial thought was "Can't I just give you, like, $100 or something?" But that takes away the thrill for the kids of raising the money themselves.

  6. Thanks for the tip on Window World! I checked and there is one practically sitting on top of my house that I never knew about. Got an appointment next week to see them already.

  7.'s like you're preparing snacks for the President!

    It's a wonder, when my daughter was little, that the snacks we sent didn't send 1/2 of the class to the ER.

  8. Something for me to look forward to! GAH!

    I admit to being really diappointed that I cannot send special treats for bithdays, etc. That was something I really looked forward to as a Mama when Nub started school. That and the fact that I was down one child! HAH! Kidding. I get why I can't, it just bums me out.

  9. Ron - they did ours and we're very happy with them.

    Efen - You didn't hear so much about the allergies back in the day.

    Jenny - your district may be different. They all do their own things...

  10. Sheesh to all the rules. Makes me glad I don't have to deal with any of that anymore!

  11. STICK 'EM UP! I want a cold poptart RIGHT NOW! Seriously, NOW!

  12. Mmm, PopTarts.

    All this fuss about snacks. Who knew it could be so complicated? If I were really mean I'd say send in some Nutter Butters, get the peanut kid out of school for a few days with allergies, and then go to town on the Reese's Brownies.

    But I'm not that mean.

  13. OMG. Why does this have to get so complicated. I am taking notes! JK

  14. kenju - I have a sneaking suspicion it will only get worse...

    honeywine - I loathe pop tarts, but I guess the kids dig em. :-)

    Tiff - We've gotten used to it. He's a sweet kid and he does have a really serious allergy. I worry about him moving on to higher grades though.

    Gigi - That's what I say....LOL.

  15. My best friend's son is so allergic that the oils in the air from the school baking peanutbutter cookies sent him into anyphylactic shock. She got a call at work and bolted out to meet the ambulance at the hospital. He's in his 20's now, still allergic, but alive.

    Anyway, ETW -- Stop by my place anytime you need to ... vent. Hee hee

  16. I get so sick of fundraisers where I have to ask my friends and family to buy small portioned, not much better than the aforementioned MREs, which are overpriced and/or useless to the typical American household. I've been known to ask, "Can't I just donate $50 and not have a bunch of overpriced stale food sitting around, or that garish Santa Claus I let my cats use for a clawing post?"

  17. Not saying anything about this teacher, but the whole thing reminded me of our scramble for recycling products for Sugar Bear's class. Each child was required to bring in so many pounds of pop cans and so many pounds of newspapers. Honestly, I ended up buying pop cans from the recycle place in order to meet her quota. Wanna know where that money went? To the teacher and nowhere else. I kid you not.

    I was furious. These kids were all required to bring in the recycling because they got a grade for it. That reeks, doesn't it?

    BTW, I think Slim Jim's (or my new fave Jake Links X-treme) have the shelf life of a car. And, the kids can all enjoy "messin' with Sasquatch."

  18. Pepperidge Farms Xtra Flavor Goldfish in the individual bags are wonderful. Those even come in 100 calorie packs, too.

  19. They offer a la carte items at Nooze's school. In the cafe lunch line. These "additional funds" allegedly go toward fundraisers throughout the year.

    Did I ever get a letter from the school about this? Nope. I did, however, get a call when Nooze owed IN EXCESS of $15!

    Needless to say, I had a few words for the school.

    I don't think I'm their favorite parent anymore.

    Like you, I'd rather just give them money. Why can't kids mow lawns/clean houses/wash cars like they used to?

  20. Muze - thanks!

    Inanna - Ugh! My thoughts exactly.

    BB - that is the craziest thing I've heard yet. Thanx for the snack tips.

    Renn - Doncha love the notification? (or lack thereof) LOL.

  21. How bout some good old Twinkies? Everybody loves those!!!