Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Sullen Teenager

Some of you have heard me refer to our 10 year old son, Buddy, as our sullen teenager - even though he is not even a pre-teen yet.

But, he gets so sassy and moody sometimes, it just puzzles us.

I think it's fairly typical - kids seem to be doing things earlier these days than when I was younger. Or perhaps, I'm just turning into that old codger who grouses about kids in my yard.

Anyway, this past weekend, there was a Lock-In sleepover event at Buddy's school. A lock-in is where the kids bring their pillow and sleeping bags, then spend the whole night in the school gym. The school (PTO) provides pizzas and snacks. There are games and other activities and the kids have a blast.

Before dropping Buddy off, we decided to have dinner at Mayberry's. I was sitting next to Buddy (he was to my right). At one point, I looked over and on the crease of his nose, I spied a little bump.

I looked closer and realized it was a little pimple! LOL.

Of course, I had to call him "Zit-zilla" and "The Zitster". The Evil Twin had to chime in with "Pizza Face" and "Snow Cap". We all just laughed hysterically.

I don't know what to do.... he's only 10! What on Earth are we in for with this kid? I told the Evil Twin I better get the number for Pro-Activ...

The Evil Twin and I talked about being teens and we both assessed that we had been "moderately zitty" and that all those skin remedies back in the day were never worth the money. None of that stuff ever seemed to help.

I am not ready for a tween. I'm still fighting the occasional bump myself (along with fighting wrinkles with a metric assload of moisturizer each day). I do not want to have to add dermatologist to the list of docs we have to see.

I can't be old enough to have a kid with pimples yet, can I? ;-) Ugh!

This momming business is hard work.


  1. Is it time that you show Buddy so that he can realize how minor his acne really is??? LOL

  2. How funny cuz just this morning I found a pimple on my EIGHT year old's chin! And she informed me she popped it yesterday. I'm not ready for a tween either so I really feel ya on this one!

  3. Just this morning I was going through some old tax info before shredding it. Included were many, many invoices from doctors from the time when my kids all lived at home. Some of them were from dermatologists, treating various ailments, including acne. My son had it on his back for a short while during high school. Accutane came to the rescue (but left him with curly hair)!!

  4. I blame the chicken hormones! But that may just be because I watch too many chickens on tv. lol

  5. Honeywine, my husband swears it's the chicken hormones!!! We didn't have teenage symptoms/problems until we were teenagers! Now we have a 9 yr old with the occaisional zit!

    ETW: offspring having zits didn't make me feel old, standing in delivery rooms while offspring gave birth made me feel old :)

  6. P.S. If we had called Little Bit "The Zitster" in Mayberry's, she would had a complete and total meltdown to the point that someone would've called CPS. Girls don't respond well to that, consider that a heads up for when Sissy gets her first zit!

  7. Ron - I don't want to totally ruin the kid! LOL.

    vinomom - Eeeks!

    kenju - I hear that Proactiv or whatever is very effective these days, but I've noticed it's not cheap.

    honeywine - I was thinking the chickens or the milk. Hmmmmm.

    MEL - I know the girls are much more sensitive to that sort of thing. Besides, she's daddy's li'l darling. I'm sure she'll never be teased.

  8. Completely off point...but I'm beginning to think you have a sponsorship deal with Mayberry's :-p hehe anyhoo, let me know when you check out the NEW Mayberry's and maybe I will be free to join you and any other bloggers for a shake!

    Just tell Buddy that you only get pimples when you lie hehe

  9. It seems like just yesterday my lil drama queen got her first zit... now she's about to graduate.

    It flys by.

  10. I've gotta go to this Mayberry's place - it always sounds so good when you mention it!!

  11. ETW, you're still young and hot.

    Zits be damned.

  12. AC - I wish I was getting kickbacks from Mayberry's. I would love to check out the TV one....maybe soon. And, we already told Buddy complete fabrications of why people get pimples. He didn't buy any of them.

    catscratch - :::sigh:::

    Momma - only in WV. If you're over this way, holla.

    Laura - Awww, thanks. You know what they say, "It takes one to know one." :-)

  13. Hey I'm leaving you an award on my blog tomorrow so drop on by and claim it. Be sure to bring at least three forms of picture ID with you to get it!

  14. My sullen teen has the same thing going on these days. Don't think that I haven't pulled out my Proactive and dabbed it on his face already!

  15. Mine has an occasional bump but otherwise is looking zit-free at 12. I'm not sure he cares much but his 15 year old sis sure does!

  16. The Things have all kinds of zitflares. Both started at around 11 years old.

    Be looking for it hair next, Mom. It happens sooner than you think.

    Good for Buddy that he could take hte teasing. My guys would have sulked for days over that. Buddy will no doubt handle middle school better than most kids, just for that. :)

  17. My little one is 10 and boy... you are right about the the mood and sass! Gimmenychistmas! While we had him last week, he threw at least 3! I'm in for a lot more, huh? And, I one thing that I have learned very quickly... parenting is very hard. I am really having a hard time with being a step-mommy. I feel like an outsider most of the time. Probably my own insecurity, but it's still hard.

  18. That Pro-Active shit works. I think it works because the kids have to wash their faces more than normal when they use it.

    They say the hormones in processed meats (like hot dogs) are behind the kids hitting puberty younger and younger. We know a family with a kid that would only eat hot dogs and Slim Jims for the longest time. He had armpit hair and had to use deoderant by the time he was 9. It was freaky.