Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corny Stuff

I keep the TV on the Noggin channel all day. That's the channel that plays preschool shows with no commercials. It's pretty much the old stand bys - Blue's Clues, Little Bear, etc.

Sissy doesn't really watch it much, but there are a few shows she really gets into like Blue's Clues. That's one of her favorites.

As I said, there are no commercials, but there are little bumper clips in between shows - most of these have two cartoon characters - Moose and Zee (a little blue bird).

You'd think I would get enough of these spots during the day. But, there are some that are just really catchy.

One they did last year around Halloween time (but haven't started this year yet) is a song about candy corn. I posted this little clip last year:

It's pretty sad that at night - when I finally have a few moments to myself - that I seek these things out on YouTube.

I just get such a kick out of that little song and it's true: I really don't like candy corn.

Buddy loves it, but then again, what are candy corn but little sugar tepees? Both of my children are like little flies. They love the sugar.

Even as a child, I wasn't a fan of candy corn. Then again, I'm not much on sweets as an adult either. I mean, I like things like cake and sometimes, a pastry. Every so often, I'll get a craving for a Snicker's bar. If I buy the full size one, I cut it in half and really can only consume half at a time. Or, I buy a bag of those teeny square ones and will pop one or two in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong - sometimes I can be a werepig when it comes to the sweets. For example: a person needs to get their sweet tooth on to enjoy the deep fried cheesecake at Mayberry's.

Just don't think I'll be eating candy corn anytime soon. And yes, we do have a bag in the snack drawer because Buddy asked for it. Blech!


  1. 24, 2008 at 8:20 AM

    OMG!! I thought I was the only adult in the world who loves that song! Me and the three amigos have recently begun singing it throughout the day in anticipation as well.
    As for the sentiments on those little striped nuggets - I hate em' too.
    Give them to my sister, give them to my brother...hmm, hmm, hmmm, hmmm, I don't like candycorn!

  2. I must admit they are not my favorite candy, I prefer chocolate covered in chocolate with a crispy chocolate layer... But if I do eat candy corn am I the only one that has to bite off only one color at a time? Don't know when that started for me and it all tastes the same, but I still do it that way :)

  3. Thats weird - at the bday party I was at this weekend someone was walking around saying "candy corn -love it or hate it?" saying that everyone had a strong opinion about candycorn...Me, I like it, I always have, but I don't have a huge sweet tooth either. I do however, hate when the bite size stuff starts hanging around bowls on people's desk during the holidays. I would never buy a whole candybar but give me chocolate in bite size increments and I end up consuming the equivalent of three bars!

  4. I have always hated candy corn... but I took solace in the fact that it was only a danger at Halloween.

    But now they are making that crap for Easter too! Christmas can't be far behind.

  5. MsPulp - there are several songs on Noggin I also listen to on YouTube. I'm sure we like all the same ones! Some things never change... :-)

    Ron - when I was younger and they were the only thing around to snack on, I would often eat them in segments. They seem to beg for that, don't you think?

    Vinomom - I probably ate more candy when I worked in offices because of the "candy in a bowl" situations, too! It's hard not to grab a piece or two on your way to the copier or restroom!

    NCP - Now that the insidious "Peeps" have made all the holiday rounds, I don't think candy corn is far behind. What's next? Necco Wafer Eggs? YUK!

  6. LOVE candy corn, and I almost always est it in stripes, like Ron.

    I like those candy punkin' things too. Pure sugar heaven.

  7. LOVE the stuff. Seriously. I look forward to Halloween because of it, and I know it's all mine because everyone else in my house hates it!

  8. I would rather puke than eat a candy corn.


  9. I have always wanted to love candy corn, those pumpkin things ,too, that are just candy corn disguised as pumpkins. I always buy some every October and set it out in candy dishes around my house. I even eat some, too. Truth is, I hate it :( And now my secret is out.

  10. Tiff - I will sometimes eat one of the pumpkins, even though they're all the same thing. Maybe it's the form?

    Rebecca - it's nice to have at least one treat no one else in the house will mooch from you!

    Bucky - Too many candy corns and voila! Your puking wish may come true.

    MEL - your dirty little secret is out now. I still succumb to my dirty little secret: I want to love macaroni salad, but every time I try it, it tastes like ear wax. Still, the next pot luck I attend, I put the mac salad on my plate. Still tastes like ear wax. Will I never learn?

  11. candy corn is sugar and candle wax.

  12. Oh! TY ETW!
    You just prompted me to search for MY favorite childish song again.

    I found it this time! Yay!
    The Elephant Elevator Operator

    Still grinning!

  13. I get a craving for them once every few years...obviously when my nutritional needs for balls of sugar are showing up. :) For some reason I always liked the pumpkins and black cats more, but you can't seem to find them around here now.

    I've not heard of deep fried cheesecake. They will just deep fry ANYTHING these days!

  14. That video used to scare the crap out of my son. I think it was the howling at the end, he hated that!! Now, he loves it. We are candy-corn lovers in this house. The kids love it when I put them in my mouth to look like fangs, and chase them around. It's weird, but its a Halloween tradition!

  15. Fried cheesecake at Mayberry's?? I really have to go there!!!
    I don't care for candy corn either. I always fill up a tall glass cylinder around Halloween with candy corn and leave it out. Seems like everyone that comes over grabs a handful - except me!

  16. I'm with Bucky on that. Hated it as a kid, hate it now. Bastards who would fill up those little bags with it at Halloween....lets just say I was not appreciative as I should have been ;)

  17. Lucas - gross!

    CitizenX - you're welcome. I'll check out your vid in a moment.

    honeywine - I still see the pumpkins, but not the cats. Yes, deep fried cheesecake - served with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzled over the whole mess. It is delicious!

    Gigi - I think the general video is cute, but see how it might be creepy to a child. Candy corn teeth are no more weird than Bugle fingernails!

    Momma - at least someone around your place likes the nasty little things. Seriously, come to WV!! :-)

    Efen - I was more disappointed by being given fruit than candy corn, but the candy corn didn't get lots of pleased trick or treaters either. LOL.

  18. Cute video. I don't see Noggin, since my grandkids have outgrown it. I actually miss seeing kid's TV, at least, some of it.