Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ahhh, School Days....

Even though we're only a couple of weeks into the new school year, I have already been reminded of why having a school aged child drives me nuts sometimes.

I went to WalMart on Tuesday to pick up Sissy's new swing and also do my regular weekly grocery shopping.

On Tuesday evening, the battery in one of our smoke detectors started dying. The detector takes a 9 volt battery - which is one size I don't often keep on hand. Of course.

Then, later that evening, Buddy tells me that I'm supposed to provide snacks on Friday for the 5th grade. Okay.

I called a friend of mine who had an older son and asked about this snack thing and asked what was expected. She gave me some ideas and I went off to the store.

I decided to buy a big bag of the variety chips, since there are only 15 kids in the class and 24 bags of chips, I reasoned that gave each child a bag o' chips and a few left over for later (those chips have a half life, ya know?)

I hold them up and tell Buddy, "I picked up your snacks." He says, "She (the teacher) already has those in the class."

No big deal - they're the same variety pack I buy to stick in the Evil Twin's lunch every day, so I know we'll use them.

But, I have to make another trip to the store today. That's every day for three days straight I'm having to run to the store.

Since Buddy won't need to take it until Friday morning, I think I'll wait until the Evil Twin gets home from work this afternoon so I can just pop by Kroger by myself. Might as well pick up another four 12 packs of Cokes while they're on sale... (the Evil Twin only likes the brand name Coke and I only buy it when it's marked down - that crap is expensive!). LOL.


  1. Mmmmm... maybe you could get cup cakes, Mmmmmm..... or brownies!! Or maybe you could get a cake or pie from a bakery! Mmmmmm....

  2. a cousin of mine did for her kids.....bring a SALAD!! I'm pretty sure, even tho that was years ago, it left permanent scars on those kids ;)

  3. I'm with ya on this ETW! I drove 112 miles all over Houston yesterday between Shark's ear appointment, back to school, errands, a meeting, back to pick up kids at different schools across town...
    When I was a teacher, my favorite snack (yes, I nibbled too!) was goldfish and peanuts mixed together - but that was before the No Peanut World of today.

  4. I found out this morning that we are in charge of snacks next week. Fun! I am going to Costco for this one.

  5. Ron - I wish. There will be more on this snack situation tomorrow. Because I can't keep the pain to myself. LOL.

    Efen - that is the worst snack I've ever heard of! Eeek!

    Momma - yep and the only kid in the school with a peanut allergy (very severe) is in Buddy's class.

    Gigi - at least you had a week's notice! LOL.

  6. Salad? As a snack? What, did that mom hate kids or what? :)

    I vote for cheese stix and crackers.

  7. Hey! Don't forget Ice Cream with hot fudge and whipped cream and those cherries and maybe even some caramel!!!!

    OK, I think I have to go to Dairy Queen after work....

  8. Yah, running in circles is loads of fun. I do it constantly between my two.

  9. I am so glad Olivia's class doesn't do snacktime anymore.

    I don't have a problem with it, it's just that her name starts with a "B" so she was always one of the first to be scheduled each month, and some months she was on snack duty twice! She's a tiny kid with a huge backpack, so getting snacks and drinks for 24 kids to school was a logistics nightmare. Luckily, her bros helped... sort of...

  10. Tiff - that's a good suggestion, but you'll find out more in part 2 of this saga.

    Ron - now I'm starving!

    Catscratch - It seems like the school year ramps up the work *I* have to do. LOL.

    Rebecca - this is a very strange snack program for this year (only 5th grade).

  11. Now all I can think about are the vanilla cupcakes at Walmart. I think I need to go to the store now too! :)

  12. At least Buddy told you before Thurs. night at 10pm. That's when I used to get told about snacks/cupcakes/etc. for the next day!!

  13. I'd vote for pure chocolate....serves all of the mother's right for not giving you the right hints. Or else the salad thing would fix 'em too.....with chocolate sauce.

  14. Honeywine - y'all need to cut it out with the cupcakes!

    kenju - yes, I did get a few days advance notice. :-)

    rosemary - LOL.