Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank Gooberness, It's Friday

And I just can't seem to get myself together this morning. It's already after 9A, and I have not had a shower yet. That's not like me.

The bed IS made (I must make the bed each and every morning before I get in the shower - part of my OCD tendencies), but I just can't seem to make the next transition. I feel like being lazy.

So, I'll be lazy for another few minutes and watch "Jack's Big Music Show" with Sissy instead.

We have a lot to do this weekend. We need a new garden hose for the back faucet (old one sprung a leak last week - I tried to duct tape it, but that didn't work so well for me). Buddy needs new tennis shoes. And, we need a new toilet seat for the main bathroom. The one on there is nice, but it has this silver coating on the back (where it attaches to the bowl). That silver stuff started flaking off a while back and it's hell to try to clean it.

Hello, Target! Here we is!

The Deep Homo (Home Depot) had a special on their website last week featuring free shipping on fireplace supplies, so I ordered two of everything we needed and voila! We're in business for actual wood burning fires this winter. Well, except we need to buy a cord of wood, which I'm sure won't be difficult to obtain.

We had both fireplaces cleaned and prepped back in March. So, this is the first year we'll actually use the fireplaces and we're looking forward to it. Our old house didn't have a fireplace.

I'm going to fire up Beauty today and make a pound cake. Between pound cake and apple crisp and other fall favorites, I'll never lose the 7 pounds I need to lose to get back down to 120.

A little exercise wouldn't kill me, ya know? But, I'd have to give up blogging time to squeeze in exercise - the rest of my day is completely booked... what with all the lazing around and napping in my hammock and such.

Seriously, just this morning, I need to get myself ready, then I have laundry and dishes to attend to, then I have several bills I need to pay - taking care of all of Sissy's needs.... lunch at some point, dinner prep and then I have to pick up Buddy from school. Sort the mail, go through his backpack and check for homework/notes home, finish up dinner. Serve dinner, clean up after dinner, load the dishwasher (probably will need to start a load after that), get Sissy in the bath and in bed. Add in visiting all my favorite blogs and commenting, plus dealing with any relevant email and my day is full.

And I love the people who say being a stay at home mom is only glorified prostitution (i.e. we earn our keep in the bedroom for our "cushy" role of "not having to work"). LOL.


  1. Housewifing is serious work! At least in prostitution there is some amount of time off of one's feat and, maybe, the occasional bonus of having the work "feel good." I hate all forms of housewivery. I suck at all of them because of it.

  2. okay. maybe there would be time off one's feet as well. LOL

  3. As you know, I am a working mom...but I stayed home for the first six months after each of my kids was born, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that my "professional" job is MUCH easier than the one I have when I go home each day. In fact, even if we were wealthy beyond reason, I would still have to work just to keep my sanity.

    I admire you!

  4. BB - I like to pronounce it like midwifery (house-wiff-er-ee). It sounds ridiculous and makes me laugh. I consider the prostitution part of my job a BONUS! ;-)

    Buck - Ahhh, if I only had time!

    Lauren - Thanks, but I honestly can't figure out where working moms find ANY time to do it all. At least I can grocery shop during the middle of a week day (even if I do see half naked rednecks while there). LOL.

  5. I have an idea....Call Laura (she never f'n works anyhow), give her the list of your 'chores', then just sit back and relax. Oh, you'll have to read about her 'adventure' on her site, but would be well worth it ;)

  6. I would be willing to hire a prostitute that cleans and does errands! Where can you hire them??! Do I need to worry about the cops?

  7. Heh - one must work in the lazing around and napping. Otherwise? Crabbiness could ensue, and nobody likes that. :)

  8. Sounds like another busy day at your house! We have so much crap strewn out all over the place - I don't want to attack it, but it needs to be put away.

    I love the glorified prostitution part - never heard that one. My husband routinely works 13-14 hour days, so who would do everything if I weren't here? YEAH!

  9. p.s. I always look forward to Ron's comments - he always makes me giggle.

  10. These are obviously not people with husbands or children (same thing?)! And why didn't you back hand them when they said it, missy?

  11. Efen - I think if Laura were to come over, nothing would get accomplished. We'd be too smashed on wine in no time flat! :-)

    Ron - LOL.

    Tiff - I have a half hour window to nap daily. It's usually when Sissy is involved in a good show. With Buddy, it was from 4 to 430, when "Arthur" was on.

    Momma - Ron is a hoot!

    honeywine - no one's ever said it directly to my face, but I have heard/read the analogy several times. Otherwise, there would be backhanding!

  12. I'm not so sure it's glorified...

  13. there are studies of how much it would cost to hire folks to do the work of a stay at home mom....not many could afford it. been there done it.....damn hard work.

  14. I can echo Rosemary's statement. I was a SAHM for about 14 years and it was much harder than running my business later on.

  15. I was a SAHM for 8 weeks. Now I'm everything and I suck at and hate all things having to do with housewivery, this is why I'm not married and tell my kid to go do the dishes himself if he doesn't like the mold on them.

  16. Saw you and TET plus kiddos at the DQ this evening...we waved, but Candy drives so fast we probably looked liked a white blur speeding by :)

  17. Dave - not unless you've had a blow job from me.....

    rosemary - I've seen that too. I'm sure (and I know) people get by with less, but it's got to be stressful.

    kenju - I enjoy my chaos in a way. And it means I don't have to deal with others much, so - no complaints here.

    Inanna - I'm a terrible housekeeper. If it weren't for the Evil Twin, we'd be living in piles of clutter. We all just have to do the best we can!

    MEL - I was too busy trying to not pass out from sugar shock to notice passers-by. I had the new "Turtle waffle bowl sundae" and it is not for the feint of heart.

  18. WTF? why do I keep being the last commenter?

    Anyways I don't know Who The F these people you speak of are but I go to work to get AWAY from my kid. I'm only half kidding. If it made more sense financially to stay at home I would and I'd make the best of it, just like i make the best of being a Working Mom...but some of us are more cutout for SAHM'ing than others.

    The interesting part is, we all manage to keep ourselves busy and never have enough time no matter what our professions - SAHM or WorkingMom.

    So I guess that just means we do what we have to do. And we make it work. And we wtill have no time to ourselves, cuz we're Mommies.

  19. Let's see: blogging or exercise??? there's a choice there?

  20. Let's see: blogging or exercise??? there's a choice there?