Monday, September 15, 2008

Apple Crisp

It feels like it should be fall, but it's not. In fact, it was hotter than Satan's nutsack yesterday. The temperature has dropped quite a bit this evening. I think we're getting some high winds off the storms that are blowing through the lower Southern states.

We're kinda ready for fall, though. For a few weeks, Buddy and the Evil Twin have been riding my ass with spurs to make Apple Crisp. This is one of my stand by Fall recipes. It's so delicious, but it is time consuming (lots of peeling and slicing) - but the outcome is worth it.

For my family, I only do enough for an 8x8 pan (or roughly cut the recipe in half). I just wing it.

I use only Granny Smith apples. And for a while there, there was a dearth of Granny Smith's to be found.

Suddenly, I saw a bunch at the store and stocked up. However, I was feeling lazy and did not want to peel them.

So, mid day yesterday, I enlisted the help of the Evil Twin. I offered to make the Apple Crisp if someone would peel the apples for me. I would do the rest.

There were 9 apples on the small to medium sized side. As agreed, the Evil Twin peeled them. Then, I used my apple cutter thingie do (it cuts the core out and cuts the apple into 8 sections of about the same size). After that, I sliced them thinner still.

I had to give the kids a few slices because I over-estimated the apple quantity that would fit in an 8x8 baking dish.

I guesstimated with the sugar and such. 40 minutes later in a 350 oven and we had Apple Crisp.

The house smelled SO good.

Buddy, who loves apples anyway, was beside himself waiting for it to emerge from the oven.

I think this is the first time I've made this recipe since Sissy was born, but after it cooled down a bit, she appreciated it as well.

Buddy said, "You make the best Apple Crisp, ever!" Awwww. He knows how to flatter a mommy's heart.

It's Monday - that means Walmart shopping. I have my list ready to go and I suppose I'll pick up more apples for more Apple Crisp! Yum!


  1. Boy.... apple crisp sure does sound good... wish I had some... yup, it sure would be nice...

  2. Sounds good to me. My employer requested an apple pie for his birthday next week, so I'll be out buying granny smith's today, too.

  3. Ron - I wish it was mailable! :-)

    kenju - I need to try my hand at apple pie again. I made one once and it was good, but doing the crust made me nervous. I'm a better baker these days. I love Granny Smith's with salt on them!

  4. It's still too hot heer to bake much, but when the time comes, I'm giving this one a try. Sounds delish!

  5. I love apple crisp! One of the other blogs I read posted a recipe for crock pot apple crisp - gotta love that!

  6. Yummy! I bet you bake up a mean one too :)

    do you use granola in your recipe?

  7. Sounds GOOD! I love fall foods.

    Can we get a rough summary of the recipe? i would like to give it a try.

  8. ETW, I'm the apple pie maker in my family. Some hoidays, I have to bake 3 at a time.
    My mom bought me one of these a couple of years ago:

    and my sister and I laughed our asses off - until we tried it. When I think of all the years of peeling without this, it makes me want to cry.
    You can get them cheaper, but it's well worth the money!

  9. When I lived at our former home (burned in '84) it was a veritable orchard - apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, blackrasperries, etc. I made so many apple pies I got sick (and jellies.) BUT apple crisp sounds so delicious at this you have me hungry for it - and no plans to get to the store today. Enjoy.

  10. Today is our first day of cool-ish weather, and I could so go for a fresh ripe apple. But, I can't eat them anymore without hurling because of the gastric bypass. :( But, I will gladly live vicariously through Buddy! :)

  11. Tiff - it's really easy (just a little time consuming).

    K - well, I'll have to check that out. My crock pot gets a workout during Fall and Winter.

    Carolyn - no granola. The recipe is on the link in the blog.

    Lauren - follow link above or it's also on my Glamorous Recipes blog. :-)

    knucklehead - I'm going to check that out - Thanks!

    themom - Try this one. It might bring back good apple memories for you.

    honeywine - wow...I think I'd be bereft if I couldn't eat apples anymore. I love 'em. But, the payoff for you is worth it, I'm sure. :-)

  12. Hey ETW,
    I have a killer apple pie recipe with a custard layer, apple layer, then apricot preserves. I usually do a lattice crust. It's a bit of work (making the custard and all), but it seriously kicks ass!
    drop me a line if you'd like it, I'll type it up for ya...

  13. I love apple crisp! I'd never had it until the ex and I were staying with his mother. I used to make it all the time. Your recipe looks to be much easier though! Yay!

  14. That sounds pretty yummy - you almost inspired me to bake something!
    And it WAS hot as balls this weekend wasn't it? I'm in MD and it was about 95 degrees. It didn't get much cooler at night either.