Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Blog Fodder

I just love the school year. Along with all the homework and hassles, I get to attend routine PTO meetings. I grumble and piss and moan about it the whole time, but the truth is: I have a love/hate relationship with all the drama.

I mean, I do hate the drama and the people who are chronic complainers and the people who hold the meeting up to drone on and on about a moot point, but deep inside, it all makes me laugh hysterically.

Because, really - what fun is life if you can't enjoy the little foibles along the way?

This was the first PTO meeting of the year, which means that it's also the most well attended meeting and the longest.

It started at 7 pm and I walked in the door to my home at 8:45 pm. That is nearly two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Luckily, I sat near some people I really enjoy, so like silly school children, we whispered our thoughts back and forth.

The meeting last night was in the gym, because there was something else going on in the cafeteria. The gym doesn't have the best acoustics and it was hard to hear at all, especially when the fan was on (it cycled on and off a few times during the excruciatingly long hour and 45 minute meeting).

I tried hard to listen to everything, but I mostly just zoned out and daydreamed.

That was fine - since this was the first meeting of the year, they had to go over all the little particulars about the school for new parents. We've been there since Buddy was in preschool and now, he's in 5th grade (ready to graduate to middle school next year) - so I already know the routine.

It's always interesting when a bunch of really different people with really different opinions get together. I dig hearing what sets certain people off.

Wanna know what makes me nuts? People who come to pick up their child and sit in the middle of the street until the child makes it to their vehicle. Note to those guilty: Pull over, butthole, and let the rest of us out of the road!

I just hope the next meeting is in the cafeteria - so I can hear all the nuttiness!


  1. Maybe on my day off, my whistle, squirt gun, baseball bat and I could come down and be "street monitor"? I wouldn't mind at all!

  2. In my day, they were called 'PTA' meetings....and I hated 'em. Seems like no matter what, the teacher would make sure she'd get in a few comments to my parents about little Efen's behavior. My Dad evidently would get very pissed at her because he would come home and take it out on me ;)

  3. Uuuuugh... I hate those meetings. I really don't have time for them, so if I do go, I'm usually just angry about the things I don't get to do because I'm there listening to people argue about whether to sell Home Interiors candles or Little Debbie snack cakes for the yearly fundraiser.

    And there is no pickup hell like CCHS pickup hell. Like, don't even plan to be near Va St./ Leon Sullivan intersection from 2:30 until about 3:45 if you can help it.

    Speaking of CCHS, will Buddy be coming here next year?

  4. Laura - I would love that! Thanks!

    Efen - we called them PTA when I was younger too. Nowadays, teachers wait 'til the conferences to vent about misbehaviours. LOL.

    rebecca - LOL at the fundraiser stuff (same at our school). Buddy won't be at CCHS next year - wish he could but the ol' budget and gas prices kinda rule it out.

  5. There are not enough words to tell you how happy I am that I don't have to go to PTA anymore!

  6. Road Rage!! OMG! I would go nuts! I hate the people that feel it's their right to block the road because they are just so freakin important!! Arrrrggg!!!

  7. Maybe I shouldn't have kids. I don't think I can take that kind of BS anymore. Then again, there's homeschool. But then you can't get rid of them. Life is so complicated. lol

  8. You really wanted to say asshole, didn't you?

    In the 8+ years the Things have been in school, I've never once been to a PTA meeting. You're to be congratulated for being able to stand the crazy...I'm just not that strong.

  9. I forgot that PTO was last night...probably a good thing because it just brings out the worst in me! The best thing about PTO night used to be having dinner at Mayberry's :)
    I can remember when St. Anthony's used to call PTO "Home and School Association", but then again I'm old :)

  10. kenju - but how on earth do you get your fill of gossip and malcontents?

    Ron - I need your help too.

    honeywine - it's always something...

    Tiff - I did want to say asshole, but aimed for nicer. The crazy and I feed of each other, so it's tolerable.

    MEL - It wasn't very exciting last night - next time, the nuts can be counted on to show up.

  11. I've long been curious as to what could make you nuts--it's very satisfying to have the answer to that question, ETW. But I bet there's at least a few other things that can do it too!

  12. Argh! I can't remember if they have PTO in middle school... obviously I'm not a faithful attender... :-)

    I hated it when they put PTO right before student conferences or meet the teacher... then you almost had to show up for it. Ballbusters!

  13. Dave - doncha know? I have a laundry list of grievances. LOL.

    Laura - thanks!

    Inanna - they do (at least at the school Buddy will attend). Curiosity gets me, then I hate myself all over again.

  14. I don't attend PTO meetings. Part of me WANTS to, but I have no friends in this town to go with me.

    I am fairly certain that one MY FAVORITE PARENTS are on the PTO board, though.

    Mom and Dad are both covered in tats (full suits!) - and have enough piercings to set off security scans for miles around.

    I love them both - and am convinced that I would support anything they would vote for. (Their son is a chubby, bespectacled little nerd in Nooze's class. I adore him.)