Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Being my Rebel Self

I received a blog award. Thrice, in fact. Firstly, by Laura and then from Ron , and also from a new friend, reader and sweetie extraordinaire, Vinomom. At least, I think I got tagged from these three. It's very confusing and being the dumb brunette, I'm often confused or the last one to get the joke.

It's a curse in life, to be sure, but I play the hand I was dealt.

Without futher ado, I give you:

It came with rules and all, but it's not in my nature to follow rules.

I'm a rebel, Dottie, a loner. (that's from the movie, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" if you're wondering).

Anyhoo, I followed the biggest rule of the whole dealio and linked to those who listed me and thusly, my J-O-B is finished.

If I swing by your place and comment daily (or nearly daily - some days I'm better at time management and visiting/commenting) then feel free to pick up your award. Because you already know I love your blog.


  1. By any chance does that award come with some Apple Crisp???? :)

  2. those remind me of the old marvel comics "no prize" awards.

  3. While I don't profess to know much about 'blog awards', gettin 3 of 'em to me, seems pretty impressive :)

  4. THe graphic is adorable; the award is well given. Yay you for breaking da rulz!

  5. Ron - unfortunately (or fortunately for you: the apple crisp is loaded with sugar) no.

    Lucas - It's just an honor to have been nominated, ya know? ;-)

    Efen - I do love it that my friends love my blog. That's the reason I write it.

    themom - thanks.

    Tiff - I think it's cute too. It's not my style, but cute. :-)

    kenju - *mwah*

  6. 3 ????? Three????? Thrice??? Tre? Damn.

  7. I heart your rebel self as much as I heart your blog, sistuh. ;)

  8. Dang girl - three times? Well, it's probably cuz you can quote PeeWees Big Adventure. And FYI I am not a sweetie. Clearly I am misrepresenting myself! :)