Monday, February 16, 2009

WV Weather

I know I've stated before, but just to reiterate, I have lived in WV for 25 years. One might think I may have become accustomed to the weather around here, but every year I have higher expectations than I should.

See, you know how banks and financial institutions have "teaser rates"? Well, WV has "teaser temperatures" every year.

We'll get a spot of decent warmer than normal weather and then get thrust right back into the shit of Winter.

Yesterday, there were even some snow flurries and the forecast calls for more of the same later in the week.

All of it just leaves me feeling blah and uninspired. And because of the stupid time change back in November, it's dark when we wake up and it's dark by the time we're eating dinner.

It's downright depressing, I tell ya.

I think I might have to start visiting the tanning bed once or twice a week - just to get my fill of UV rays!

I know it's supposed to be bad for the skin, but I've read that 15 minutes a day of full sun exposure, for natural Vitamin D, is good for us. I think I'm going to stick with that story.

In fact, our insurance should cover tanning bed visits! It's preventative medicine!

I know it seems self-indulgent, but for me, it's better than therapy. I'm going to find a place close by today, so I can sign up now.

I can go on tricking myself about the weather.


  1. I don't envy you on the weather issues Housfrau.....It was a sunny 71 degrees here in Georgia yesterday....not that I'm rubbing it in or anything :)......okay, maybe a ditty bit (??)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Do what you have to do, babycakes. It is your sanity at stake here. I think I would be the same in that climate.x

  3. we are having weather issues here as well--heat wave one day, monsoon the next......Lisa x

  4. feh.... sunlight is overrated. i get my tan from my computer monitor..

  5. I am so not happy to be freezing my butt off agian. As long as school isn't canceled or delayed I will refrain from freaking the eff out. Hahaha.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly, and I used to go to the tanning salon about twice a week for that very reason. It worked like a chaarm!
    I think I just might do the same!
    thanks for the idea!

  7. Can't complain here in TX, but I wil send some warm weather vibes in your direction!

  8. I'm doing a happy dance - I'll start my tanning in a week or so. At my age I don't care if something dire happens - I hate the pasty white "styrofoam" look - but th UV's make the Spring temps seem closer.

  9. That is cool, but do they have little tiny tanning beds for Sissy and will she sit still long enough to tan with you? LOL

  10. Move down here! And stay away from tanning beds - they make you look old before your time!

  11. It has crossed my mind about a 1/2 a dozen times so far this winter to go to a tanning bed, even saving money for my own! I agree with the WV weather. I do watch the surrounding areas though and see a huge difference in degree, so I can't complain too much. It is warmer here than in PA. :)

  12. Same here. My husband told me he was going to buy me a sun lamp for February. I get really sick of winter about this time.

    Hmmm, I SHOULD do the tanning bed. I bet it makes a world of difference.

  13. Reggie - I lived in GA for 8 beautiful years. I miss it.

    Natalie - it really does make a marked improvement to my mental state.

    Lisa - it seems like it's always something!

    fattie20xl - LOL. I do it more for the UV "happy" rays than for a tan.

    risaroo - Can I get an "amen"? I'm with you!

    MsPulp - I haven't been in years, but I remember how good I felt after a session.

    Gigi - I'll take anything I can get. Thanks!

    themom - That's EXACTLY how I feel.

    Ron - LOL. No...not recommended for the small fry (like not even to sit in the room w/me - they say it's dangerous).

    kenju - I wish, but you know the Evil Twin's job sitch. And the housing market stinks... Believe me, I only use the beds in moderation - and I slather myself in lotions all the time!

    Lisha - I'd love to have my own, too! So convenient. I agree, when I see those having it much worse than us, I feel slightly better about the situation here.

    A. - It has always helped me tremendously in the past. I guess I just kind of have been too busy with Sissy the last couple of years to squeeze it in, but I think I can do evenings after husband gets home. 15 minutes to myself? Oh, yeah!

  14. yep, like complaints here for the most part - we also have funky weather here - but, that's pretty typical! Yesterday was, cloudy & gonna rain...

  15. New follower to your blog. I know about this whole weather thing. I live in Kenosha, WI (on the lake at the IL/WI state line) and last January (2008) we got 70 degree weather and TORNADOS!! Weird. Normally, January is our coldest months. It's scary to see this whole global warming trend. Last week we had 60 degrees (yes, just once, but still!) Tomorrow we are expecting 4-8 inches of snow here.

    I agree with the insurance coverage on the tanning bed. So not right they don't cover 'treatment'.

  16. Girl, my happy white ass will be at the Electric Beach tomorrow!

  17. 15 years in CT and I did the same as you. Every Damn. Year.

    Fooling yourself is the equivalent of HOPE!

  18. We have had the crazy weather here in IL, too! The high is 19 degrees on Thurs! Boo!!!!! I need to get my ass to a tanning bed pronto. They do say that tan fat looks better than white fat! Man I can't wait til summer!

  19. I hate this part of winter, because in my mind, it should be almost over. Except it's not nearly over in CT. We hit 65 one day last week here, and it was about 40 the next day. With snow tomorrow afternoon/night.

  20. I actually like the grey days... but then they are rare here.

  21. Alright I'm going to be a complete poo and preach.....please please please stay away from tanning beds. I battled and won skin cancer last summer, you don't want to go there. It's very painful. Just get sprayed !

  22. Come to Michigan for a year or so, you'll appreciate WV much more. We had two days last week of our teaser weather (almost 60) and while I did know that it wasn't the end of winter, I was hoping it was the end of snow...but no, tonight we're supposed to get anywhere from 1-3" to 3-6" I'm hoping it bypasses us completely - yes, I'm delusional.

  23. Is it acceptable to wear sunblock to a tanning bed? I use that 15 minutes of sunlight excuse in the summer when everybody in my apt. bldg. and the mail lady call me the Sun Goddess, and not because I'm the least bit goddess-like. ;-)

    I'm lily white and it's sad. Stupid Midwestern Winter.

  24. You hit a nerve today...seems everyone is in the same boat this year. Warm and inspiring weather one day then cold and misserable the next!

    I LOVE tanning beds too! Nowhere else can you go and lay for 15 minutes in total silence!

  25. What the heck! As long as you don't turn tanorexic orange, you go for it! However, if you do turn orange, we'll have to set up an intervention.

  26. I think you're onto something - people need fresh air and sunshine! Sounds like you need a trip to Texas to hang out with Gator Girl, Gigi and Momma!

  27. TGG - If I could move, I would!

    Red - It's gotta be frustrating there in WI. Brrrr.

    Elle - My ass will be at EB in S. Chas. this evening! :-)

    Tiff - yes, hope, that's the ticket...

    Trisha - We woke up to stone cold 16 degrees here! Ack!

    Amy - it's just trying to mess with our heads!

    Alex - I don't mind overcast days. The snowy and cold days are what bums me out.

    The Girl - I'm not going to bake. I'll just hop in for 10 or 15 mins. twice a week for the UV "happiness".

    Kathleen - I know, it's worse in other parts of the US. And, yes, you can wear sunblock in tanning beds.

    Chandra - that 15 mins. alone is the BEST part!

    Honeywine - I swear, I'm not one of those people who go every single day until I look like a badly tanned leather handbag.

    Momma - If Buddy didn't have school, I'd be on the next plane!

  28. We do have the worst mood changing weather! this summer we will be reading about everyone complaining about the humidity and heat waves with the next week bringing a foot of snow.

  29. Got a quote for you:

    "I am not suffering from insanity -
    I am enjoying every bit of it!"

  30. Yes the weather is a tease. I better go put away all my shorts again!

  31. We have the same weather situation in Ohio. I always sa that if I can make it through February I'll be okay. I'm another tanning bed fan...I like the fancy high pressure beds and call it my 'twelve minute vacation'!

  32. We have the same weather situation in Ohio. I always sa that if I can make it through February I'll be okay. I'm another tanning bed fan...I like the fancy high pressure beds and call it my 'twelve minute vacation'!