Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten

Buddy was an especially difficult to potty train child. He did pretty good around age three for daytime stuff and even nighttime things. We'd put a pull-up on him at night and he always woke up dry.

The number 2 situation was trickier. He never did #2 in his pull-up at night, but he liked to hold it in. He was fully day/night 1 and 2 trained by his 4th birthday (but, keep in mind that Buddy was born 3 months before his due date, not expected to live at all - and only 2lbs, 5oz). So, being a bit slow in the potty training department was not a shock to us.

I have been a bit surprised that Sissy has not been more receptive until now.

You know, first time parents have these idealized notions about their child. A parent on round 2 probably should not.... but I DID! I thought, "She's a girl, she was born full term. Potty training will be a breeze!" LOL. Oh, how I laugh at myself now.

Sissy has done an amazingly good job so far. We are doing rewards with stickers on a chart and candies.

The candies are these:

It's a flattish thing filled with really cheap chocolate pieces. The child pushes the button and hears "Great job! You're such a big girl! Now choose a door and get a prize." Or something like that.

I bought her better chocolates at the store earlier, so when we run out of silly door prizes, she still gets a reward.

However, today, I noticed that she requested to go to the potty quite frequently and every trip (almost) resulted in voiding a bit of pee. That means she gets a sticker and chocolate.

I think she was holding back and saving up for more trips! That little scamp!

We also had an episode where *someone* pooped in her Dora panties. Hmmmm. We'll have to work on that. (and NO, it wasn't me - LOL).


  1. ahhh potty training... my time is just around the corner! love the signature too! btw... I know evil twin did your header picture... can you tell me what size he made it so it fit perfectly? I have been trying to figure it out haven't been sucessful! thanks!

  2. is that like the time where the burgler came in and peed right in my bed and then took the sheets and hid them behind the couch and took my pajamas and stuffed them in the broom closet? and then snuck out?

    last night?

  3. I was going to recommend "Everybody Poops" I love the signature. Can I get one?

  4. Very smart girl...a little pee=chocolate. The good thing is she is making it there!! :) My daughter started potty training at 20 months and it was an ongoing process till she was about 27 months. Accidents every once and a while and still wetting at night (only b/c she is still in her crib). Sounds like it is working though! So keep up what you are doing! :)

  5. Very smart girl...a little pee=chocolate. The good thing is she is making it there!! :) My daughter started potty training at 20 months and it was an ongoing process till she was about 27 months. Accidents every once and a while and still wetting at night (only b/c she is still in her crib). Sounds like it is working though! So keep up what you are doing! :)

  6. I was totally going to ask you where you got your Dora panties, too!


  7. LL - When you're editing your page, there should be an area where you can click "shrink to fit" or something similar. That's on the "edit" section of the header. Hope that helps.

    fattie20xl - Somewhat similar. Only this involved poop. You got lucky.

    The Girl - you should be able to click on it and do your own! :-)

    Lisha - we are moving out of the crib tomorrow! Hopefully, that will be an okay transition too. Thanks!

    Elle - LOL. You know where I shop. Poor Dora!

  8. That's a neat little gadget. I should try that with ours because we're having ZERO luck in that dept. I think she's going to be in diapers in the 1st grade.

  9. Love the signature...will you email me & tell me how to put it at the end of my post?? Also..M&M's were our reward for potty training &then a cupcakes!! ;)

  10. LOL... Run Dora! Run!!! It will teach Dora that exploring can sometimes be dangerous and smelly! Hey if I come over to your house do I get chocolate every time I potty????

  11. I have a dream, that my 2 year old girl will be potty trained before the new baby comes in June. I know I am dreamin'!

  12. Sissy is just playing you, the little vixen, if she can "hold it" for the chocolate, she's got the bladder thing down! LOL. My 1st was the hardest to train - she was almost 4 years old! MonkeyBoy did it in 2 days and StellaDella was done by 2 1/2 years. They redeemed my mothering skills. ;)

  13. That's just not fair ... I want a reward treat when I go potty! Do I have to start messing myself before this happens? I can do that. Anything for chocolate, man!

  14. My sister pooped in her panties till she was 5! There were times she did it at school, and sometimes she would take them off and hide them so Mom didn't know. Good luck with the poop!

  15. Paul - I've said the same thing about my two...they all "get it" in their own time. :-) I know how frustrating it is, though.

    TGG - I emailed you on Facebook.

    Ron - LOL! Sure - I just bought a big bag of Nestle "Treasures".

    Gigi - You might get lucky! Just keep talking it up.

    Suzy - I will have no others and both of mine have been difficult. I'm so screwed on the mothering skills thing... LOL.

    Crazy Mo - Feel free to stop by. I will give you chocolate for just *staying dry and clean*. See how nice I am?

    Ginger - Hush! I do not want to even think about having that scenario!

  16. Every kid is different - that much isfor sure, and girls and boys I've heard are more different still!

    Sissy's smart - she's got you figgered out. :) now, how to turn the tables on that little minx to get HER trained? Good luck!

  17. Well, at least you know the rewards system is working! Good for her & you! Maybe change the reward candies for fruit snacks or a piece of sugar free gum if you don't want her getting too much chocolate.

  18. You could make her write sentences if the candies don't work.
    "I will not go #2 in my pants"
    "I will not go #2 in my pants"

    yeah, maybe not...stick with your way!

  19. They can be very clever, can't they?

  20. Hee Hee... I have no kids. And my dag was already housebroken when I got her. I also steadfastly refuse to have anything to do with changing diapers or helping with potty activities for my nieces and nephews.

    All this adds up to me NEVER having to deal with things like this.

    More power to you!

  21. LOVE the signature!!

    Ah yes, I remember potty training. Shark took about 10 years. Or at least it felt like 10 years. Toots was great once she decided "no more diapies.."
    Good luck - you'll get there!

  22. Ahhhh this takes me back.
    Toddlers or Teens? Woah tough call! ;o)

  23. Oh, yeah, she's got the chocolate number!

    Is the fish fry open to the public? I'd like some good fish except I have to work tomorrow evening. Darn it! Remind me of the fish fry and I'll pretend to be Catholic. Wait, is that a sin? I just want fish. I love fish.

    I cannot give up bread. Yeast flows through my veins. You are a strong woman.

  24. I gave you an award on my blog!

  25. Potty training. Just another reason why I'm better off not having kids. ;-)

  26. Don't you know? The poop culprit was either Boots, the jacked up super monkey or Swiper the cleptomaniac...Swiper no pooping, Swiper no pooping...


  27. Tiff - I think I'm in trouble, but I also think I can taper it off!

    TSS - we'll have to switch to something because I only bought two of the candy things and each has only 24 chocolates.

    Warren - at this point, she is so determined to poo in the potty, we may as well spend our lives in there!

    Debbie - she will pee and then turn right around and insist she has to pee again. She has my number.

    NCP - Thanks! ;-)

    Momma - We have felt the same way about Buddy!

    Penelope - I've got one of each! Argh!

    Inanna - yes, it's open for all. It starts at 5 pm and ends at 7 pm. Please join us. :-)

    Jen - thanks!

    Jay - it's a thankless job! LOL.

    Al - It probably was Swiper - swiping poo on undies!

  28. I'm with Crazy Mo! I want a reward, too! I've often wondered how parents dealt with potty training. Good luck with this! Sounds to me like you're doing a good job!