Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeing the Light

And it's not a train! I've been able to finish up loads of little things (and a few big things) this week, so I am feeling SO much better! It's a good morning!

Yesterday, I had some major issues with my router and so, I wasn't able to get around to all my blogs - which means I am more behind than ever in that department, but I will try to get caught up again today.

I received an email from a reader who does not have a blog and this reader had a few questions for me.

I'll answer those now!

1. How do you feel about the military? Did you or ET ever serve?
We are both very pro-military. I went straight into college and did not serve, but the Evil Twin was in the Air Force. He served his four years active duty, then moved back "home". I met him when he was serving his four inactive years. I think America is the best place in the whole wide world.

2. Ever been in a fist fight?
Surprisingly, no. I've been in many verbal showdowns. I was in an abusive relationship prior to meeting the Evil Twin and was hit on many occasions, but I never hit back.

3. If you had to live somewhere else, where would it be?
I lived in Georgia for 8 years and I was very happy there. I like the temperature and location, so I would move back South - probably somewhere north of Atlanta.

And, now I'm waiting on my dishwasher to run through a cycle. I need my crock pot clean, so I can do crock pot chicken tortillas. Nom, nom, nom!


  1. I am so far behind too! I am slowly catching up :) Love the questions and you answering! Great way for we readers to get to know you!

  2. I love your recipes! Do you ever use the 'Reynolds' slow-cooker bags? They save a lot of cleaning time.

  3. I think the router/stupidly slow internet connection thing is plaguing all of us. IT's tough to just sit there and WAIT for something to load, or even worse, to not be able to get to the internet!

    As to #2 - glad you're out of THAT mess.

  4. Have you ever considered getting into a fistfight in a strip club?

  5. LMAO @ 'Ron' :)

    Geez....I wish you could cook for me :)

  6. Thanks for the AWESOME recipe (again!) I'm gonna make that next!
    So glad you got somethings accomplished - that's a great feeling!

  7. Lisha - This unpredictable weather here has my schedule so out of whack, I may not catch up until Spring!

    Gigi - I'll have to look into those bags. I usually just throw it in the dishwasher (but it's big and takes up loads of dishwasher space).

    Tiff - I must have been up and down my stairs 40 times yesterday trying to "reboot" that router! Argh.

    Ron - knowing me, that wouldn't be an impossibility.

    Efen - Come on over! I'll cook for you anytime. It may or may not be edible, though...(sometimes, dishes don't turn out right for me).

    Momma - this one is so easy - and delicious! I could eat it everyday, but my family requires variety. Rats!

  8. OMG take it from GiGi...the crock pot bags are one of the best inventions ever! I am the crock pot queen and could literally cook every meal in one if I could and the bags are sooo convenient and save tons of cleaning time!

  9. I am intrigued by the "crockpot bag" comment. I don't use my crockpot a lot because I tend to be gone all day (like for 10-12 hours, which is too long for most items), so I was unaware that they could use a bag.

  10. My computer has been staging slowdowns on me for weeks. I am sorely afraid it will crap out before long.